2 Weeks Without Electricity

2 weeks without electricity? How many times throughout our modern history have natural disasters damaged the electrical grid infrastructure of a region? Lots!

While it’s not the normal circumstance, 2 weeks without electricity can certainly occur, and you can survive it.

Let me say this though, today’s modern way of life and infrastructure depends on electricity to function. For those not prepared, it’s a shock to their normalcy bias and going 2 weeks without electricity is not going to be easy.

Here’s the thing… Lessons from history tell us that it’s entirely do-able. People used to live their entire lives without electricity!

The problem is that our modern society doesn’t know how to live without it. So what to do?


First, if we’re discussing this in modern times, it means that there has been some major disaster. One good example might be a major hurricane blowing through a region and tearing down trees, power lines, and causing massive damage to the grid’s infrastructure.

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source: http://modernsurvivalblog.com/lessons-from-history/2-weeks-without-electricity/