Month: May 2018

Gathering Wood 101

Stockpiling fire wood is a sensible precaution and preparation for potential power outages and longer term emergencies. Before coal, oil and electricity, wood was our primary source of fuel, with dried peat and buffalo chips taking its place in climates and situations when wood was scarce. If you don’t want to resort to burning feces …

DIY Survival Greenhouse

You don’t need enough space for a full-size greenhouse to kick start a growing your own groceries plan. Even if you are an urban prepper or a suburban survivalist, you have enough space to get seeds started indoors to develop plants to cultivate crops outdoors (or continue growing indoors) in the spring.

Is Your Water Safe?

In a perfect world, we could walk into our kitchen, turn on our faucet, trust the liquid flowing out of it and drink pure, clean water until our heart’s content and our tummies are full. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world, though. Instead, we live in a world with constant distractions.