4 Home Defense Layers

Home is where the heart is as the saying goes.  In the home, we have people that we love and property that we have acquired by the wealth we have worked for.  So it is very important for us to have protection for them.  In this post, we are going to discuss the home defense layers that saves lives.

There are a few crimes that can happen in the home.  Such crimes include property and violent crimes.  These crimes can be broken down into categories including burglaries, home invasions, murder, etc. However, by having home defense layers you can greatly reduce the risk of those crimes.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to prevent burglaries and home invasions.  There tends to be a lot of confusion between the differences.  So let’s break that down.

Truth about burglaries

A crime is considered a burglary when there is an unlawful entry into a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.  Typically it is someone that has been eyeing the possessions that you have and track your whereabouts.  Shockingly, a lot of burglaries are committed by people close to the victim.

Truth about home invasions

A crime can be considered a home invasion if:

  • A person enters or remains unlawfully in a dwelling with the intent of committing a violent crime
  • A person knowingly enters the dwelling place of another with the knowledge or expectation that someone (one or more persons) is present
  • The unauthorized entering of any inhabited dwelling or other structure belonging to another with the intent to use force or violence upon the person of another

The differences between a burglary and a home invasion

Burglaries are typically committed during the day with an expectation that the household members are not present.  They don’t intend to commit any violent crime.  Although they can turn violent if someone is present.  The intruder’s main motive is on stealing items.

A small percentage of burglaries also happen at night.  They tend to be dumb criminals or junkies looking for medications.  However, smart criminals have already scoped your house and can determine when you are home.  They tend to pick the most appealing house without any security or defense.  Other criminals tend to be friends with the victim.


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