5 Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

You know what they say about the best laid plans? It’s not uncommon that this also can pertain to preparedness. There are tons of great ideas across the internet that sound good if they remain on the internet. The problem is, when people decide to stake their lives on these ideas. One of the big problems is we only see tactical operations and survival scenarios in movies. If you haven’t had real military combat experience it’s hard to understand what you could be up against.

Many preppers feel as though they have nailed down the best possible plan or set of plans to handle any scenario. The problem is the scenario! We have no idea how things will play out. What the stresses on resources will be or how the environment around us will be affected. We can plan for many things but nothing is a guarantee.

I want to look at some of the ideas floating out there in the prepper world and hopefully I can discourage these heinous acts as they could very well get someone killed.


The bugout is a legitimate tool to have in the prepper arsenal. There could be several situations in which the bugout would prove to be your best option. I will say you should understand just how good you have it in your own home before leaving it. If you have an alternate shelter or home to bugout to this changes things as well.

However, if your game plan is to set up camp in the woods and live off the land I think many preppers will be in for a rude awakening. There is literally nothing easy when it comes to long term life in the woods. Food, water, shelter, fire none of this comes easy after months in the woods.

There are also several threats you will face in these woods. The worst of those being the air around you. Hypothermia can kill you on a 70-degree night. The elements are another massive issue. Wind can bring down trees on a camp and powerful storms could just as easily blow your camp away.

The wilderness is tons of fun particularly when you can leave it behind and retire to a couch. Between drinking contaminated water, starving or death by mother nature bugging out to the woods, as a long-term solution, offers many ways for the prepper to die.


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