52 Survival Skills Your Kids Should Be Learning

Growing up, the preparedness lifestyle was pretty much common place. It was just something we did and pretty much everyone I knew, lived the same way. Between common power outages in our neighborhood, playing in the woods, camping with our families, hunting, fishing and growing up with Depression Era grandparents, preparedness was an essential part of our lives.

Today, we have gotten so complacent about the world around us that we often forget that history has a tendency to repeat itself. Many of us have forgotten the importance of teaching our children survival skills. With grocery store shelves stocked with canned goods, our heat coming from electric base boards and the push that children shouldn’t be taught how to use a firearm, let alone how to hunt, we’ve set ourselves and our children up for failure.

Any new skill that anyone learns takes time to develop. It’s up to us to teach our children what they need to know to survive. We never know if God For Bid we will get separated from our children, but knowing we’ve equipped them as much as possible can offer a bit of peace if something so horrific should happen. It’s also good to note that the more your child is able to learn, the more of an asset they will be to your family unit if SHTF.

I do realize that every child learns at their own pace and many skills take time to develop.

52 Survival Skills Your Kids Should Be Learning

    1. Make sure your child knows your family’s plan – Are you hunkering down? Are you bugging out? If you are leaving, where are you going?
    2. Plant their own food – Planting a garden as a family, from seed to plant is an excellent way to teach this skill.

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