6 Reliable Pocket Revolvers For Off-grid Defense

I often travel the backwoods trails to re-connect with nature and find new camping grounds. Since there’s always a chance to find myself face to face with a dangerous animal, I bring some protection along. If you’re looking for a small and reliable handgun for off-grid defense, here are my suggestions for pocket revolvers.

Every outdoor journey can bring some unwanted guests, and you need to be able to defend yourself. The following pocket revolvers can help you kill threatening animals or ward off potential attackers. You can always run into a rabid raccoon or an angry moose. These pocket revolvers are a good choice because they offer proper comfort and are ammunition-wise.

Ruger LCR is one of the smallest and lightweight revolvers I had the pleasure of testing. It’s a small-frame, double-action only revolver that can chamber either eight .22LR or six .22 Magnum rounds. Ruger LCR melds a polymer fire control housing, including a friction-reducing cam system, with an aluminum monolithic frame, which supports a stainless steel barrel and cylinder. It is worth mentioning that the cylinder is extensively fluted to decrease weight and it as a nitride black finish. You can carry it in your pocket or use a holster. Regardless the carry mode you opt for, it takes little space, and it’s easy to conceal.


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source: http://prepperswill.com/6-reliable-pocket-revolvers-off-grid-defense/