Revealed: 8 Examples of Cops Framing Innocent People

31914602_sIt’s always nice to have a bit more ammo to bring against people who say cops are noble and benevolent.

Not all of them are out to get us, but plenty of them are.

In fact, cops are so intent on arresting people, they will even fabricate evidence to arrest innocent people. In some police departments, it is commonplace.

Zero Hedge recently published a list of 8 examples where cops were caught framing innocent people. Most of these examples come from the U.S.

  • A New York police investigation supervisor for criminal investigations in seven counties admits that he and another lieutenant faked fingerprint evidence so often that the New York Times called it an “almost routine fabrication of evidence in criminal case”
  • A deputy sheriff in Florida said: “Planting evidence and lying in your reports are just part of the game
  • A Pasadena, California police officer bragged on tape about how he framed innocent folks

It’s disheartening to read stuff like that.

After the article there were a few comments left by agitated Americans who have ben victim to this kind of behavior.

One man’s story defies belief.

Going by the handle “DeerHunter” he wrote:

the rule of law simply means the law rules. My wife and I were driving our two vehicles with daughter, son-in-law and four grand kids to a huge dairy farm in NW indiana. She was in the lead on the interstate and I was pulled over by a state trooper. She pulled over in front of us and backed up. I was told he had me on radar and was ticketed for ten miles over speed limit. When my wife walked back to us along the shoulder he aske her who she was and she told him she was my wife. He wrote her for ten over as well. I asked him if he had her on radar and he said he didnt need her on radar.

I told him I would see him in court. I paid my ticket. I was speeding. In looking at my wifes ticket he had an incorrect vehicle make and model. He had an incorrect license plate number and in fact even the wrong state listed as state of origin of the license plate. We live in Illinois. We went to late afternoon court. When we entered we were asked to approach the procecutor table. No judge in the courtroom but plent of people and some lawyers. My wife showed him the ticket and all the wrong information and explained why we were pleading not guilty. I E. not on radar. He asked us to have a seat and kept the ticket.

The judge entered and a number of cases were heard. Then my wifes name was called she stood and plead not guilty. There were still over a dozen people in the courtroom including some obvious attorneys. When she plead the judge asked her why she was pleading not guilty. She explained wrong make/model car, wrong license plate number/state etc and no radar to the judge. He asked to see the ticket. She said the man at the table there has my ticket. The judge looked at him and asked for the ticket. The state officer whoever was working that table and I am not sure of his title to this day looked right at the judge and said, “I took nothing from her.” I stood up and the baliff asked who I was. I said i was her husband ant told the judge i saw him take the ticket. I was told to sit down or be removed from the courtroom.

I left the courtroom and went and introduced myself to the police officer manning the metal detector. I told him my wifes rights were being trampled and there was a good chance that he would be being called to the court room to arrest me in the very near future. I told him I would go into handcuffs in peace and that no tazer would be needed. He listened to me explain the situation and told me i had to do what i had to do.

I returned to the courtroom but my then as it was quite a walk out to the security area cop I spoke with my wifes had alreay been found guilty and fined and met me returning in the hallway. She was pissed. No one in that courtroom stood up when I did and said your honor we sat that man take her ticket from her.

I wrote a letter to the judge. I told him a state employee lied to his face in his courtroom. I told him I am sure it is on your video security film. I told him America wasn”t founded on the rule of the government with iron fists and lies.

Guess what I heard back from “his honor.?” Crickets. Nothing. Not a peep. This was 2009. We have lost the war people. Wake the hell up. We are tax donkeys. My home is worth the same amount I paid for it in 1998. However since then I have paid 124,000 in property taxes. I have paid 289,000 in mortgage interest. So who do we work for?

America is broken. Is it beyond repair. I didn’t use to think it was. My thinking has changed. We work to support the machine. That machine includes the librarian working at your local public library making 65K a year with full medical, dental, vision insurance and 85% of her average last two years salary until the day she dies when she retires.

It includes the cops, fireman, water works, snow plow drivers, tollway workers. It includes the state cops that milk us as we drive on toll roads we pay for per mile dying by a thousand cuts as we are being bombarded by our need to diversify. My city is importing spanish speaking teachers now from Columbia and Nicauraga because the hispanics here dont like the white bilingual teachers in our schools because thier spanish usage is upsetting to them. Something about accents.


Folks. Look around. Down arrow me if you wish. Last night on a major interstate someone pulled alongside a semi tractor trailer and opened fire sending bullets through the passenger sided door. Road rage. Truck drivers should just sit home for a week I think.

WE ARE BROKEN. Live your lives accordingly. There is no knight in shining armor. Folks the likes of Breitbart, et all wont be allowed to voice their opinions. It isn’t paranoia if it is true. Pick your friends wisely. Always have a plan.

Good day all.

Like he said, it isn’t paranoia if it’s true.

Anyone who claims we live in a golden age is blind.

Sure, technology is better, and we’ve got more ability and more opportunity than ever before.

But that also has brought a hefty price tag, one we’re paying with our freedom.