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A Review of David Morris' Survive in Place Course

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Survival Joe
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Survive In Place
Most people can't flee to a survival retreat in the mountains. You need to survive any future disasters where you live right now. That's the theme of David Morris' urban survival program:

Survive in Place: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Survival Plan.

David's course focuses on helping you develop a survival PLAN that you can use where you live right now. He shows you how to prepare for real life situations – like you being at the office and your kids at school during a bio-weapon attack.

Survive in Place also shows you how much of what you might think is worth buying is not anywhere near the top of the urban preparedness list. For example, David points out that baking your own bread in a solar oven after a disaster is probably not a wise idea. The smell will attract thousands of starving neighbors to your doorsteps – who will do anything to get a slice.

The course contains information collected first-hand from over 30 interviews with experts ranging from military personal to a pandemic specialist. David has also researched what really happened when countries like Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Haiti fell to pieces.

The lessons are available in ebook and audio book format – so you can listen to them in the car or while you go for a walk.

If you're a single guy with tons of time on your hands and love extreme survival training – this program isn't for you. If you’re a mom or a dad tied to a house and a job in the city who wants to be moderately ready for civil unrest, food shortages or a natural disaster, then I'd encourage to give David's program a try.

Click here to visit David's site for more information on his 12-week course or to sign up for his free newsletter.

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