A Nation of Wimps Willing to Throw Away Liberty?

National_Park_Service_9-11_Statue_of_Liberty_and_WTC_fireWhat do you value more?

Do you value your privacy?

Or is security more important to you?

This is the core question at the center of the Apple vs. The FBI fight.

Sadly, many Americans live in fear. They’re wimps.

They want security, regardless trhe cost.

Even if it means giving away fundamental liberty:


Today I was looking at a HuffPo article about the Apple vs. FBI debacle. The article tries desperately to pass itself off as reasonable. Problem is it’s HuffPo, so I wasn’t fooled. The article opens with this:

Apple’s decision to challenge a federal court order to help the FBI “hack” into a shooting suspect’s iPhone 5C is drawing into focus a battle which has been brewing for the past several years.

The way this debate has been shaped thus far is, as follows: which do we value more, privacy or security?

Firstly, let’s talk some facts about the incident in question. The government FUBARed what happened in San Bernardino. We’ve already documented a lot of it, so lemme break it down here: terrorists were allowed into the country. They killed 14 people. The local authorities got access to the iPhone belonging to Farook. They effed it up by trying to access it, thereby resetting the phone. Now the FBI is demanding Apple write software which will undermine the security of all iPhones to get into “that specific phone.” And if you believe the FBI will only use that new software to access that one phone, you were born in a land before toilet paper.

Having freedom, having privacy, requires personal responsibility. Sometimes that means you protect yourself. That’s why we at LwC love our Second Amendment rights. Which, incidentally, plenty of liberals also say we need to give up for the “safety of the collective.”

Sometimes you are not only responsible for your own finances, but your own safety. The government, after all, is just a collection of elected officials who employ other people and talk to the public with the use of a teleprompter. The government is people like a corporation is people. Except the government people take from the corporate people to finance their crap. Sorry, going down a bunny trail there…

They’re not better at life than you are. Surrendering a little bit of your freedom to these elected officials for a little more safety is insane. Also, “safety” is rarely defined. Put that in your pipe and smoke it before a liberal demands to stop smoking it because it affects them.


Keep in mind, politicians will always use fear to appeal to the need for security.

Only a real leader and follower of The Constitution will battle to protect our right to privacy and liberty.

Listen carefully and vote accordingly.

Don’t be a wimp.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The biggest wimps I have seen are those that are afraid of progress they hang onto their guns to feel big. Many of them actually strap on a pistol just to post online. They call themselves Patriots I call them Cowards

    • Rodney Steward

      The Constitution gives them that Right! What ever cranks a mans tractor!!

    • bandit

      I call you a gutteral reprobate . The Utpoian Pipedream of yours is not and never will come .

    • Ace Dragon

      to bad asswipe. i bet you need to strap on a dildo to get your boy friend off! your the coward! afraid of guns??
      your defantally not a patriot, but a moron!

    • gerald Hughes

      Behind your keyboard you do liberal dem blooducking parasite. Face to face, you are afraid of your mother

    • Paul

      The problem with YOUR take on things is we CLEARLY have a different idea of what ” progress ” IS and the value of it……WIMP

    • “Progress” is not giving all the power “Guns” to your leader and tell them to force everyone to be nice or else. Progress would be everyone having the tools to keep themselves safe but have no need to use them.

      • Ribert Koonce

        Amen to that brother

  • shannon853

    it’s a gamble there is in fact information there. they had a way to get it and blew it. at that point they may have destroyed all information that was there right then. now they want the key to everyone’s phone. if i was apple i would take the phone in a room with one fbi agent, not show him how but world unlock that one phone. i would never tell them how as if and when that happens there is no more privacy for anyone owning that phone.

    • Ace Dragon

      they changed the password thinking they could accsess the phone log. now they want Apple to give up our security? thats a good idea, give the phone to apple and don’t let anyone see the software and have one fbi agent down load it and then destroy the software .

      • Jeanne Stotler

        Why can’t Apple retrieve the info, print it out and give to FBI, They only want the info, as long as chain of evidence is maintained, and that’s not hard to do.

        • American Me

          I suspect there may be something we are not being told and that is why it is hard to believe that this could not be easily done by Apple without giving up any secrets.As you said so simple.I can’t understand what the problem is.

          • shannon853

            possibly loading in a new operating system would leave all data intact

          • Not well versed on computer science are we?

        • Peter Osborne

          EXACTLY, further, there may be nothing of value in there. So , if Apple surrenders in this, it is likely as not to have been for nothing……

  • Rodney Steward

    This is the pathetic LOST generations that the Gov. has been waiting for! This is the Dumb Down, Brainwashed idiots with there cell phones! This group can and will be lead around like cattle, and this is where we loose our country completely! All the free scam sounds great, but after a while U run out of other peoples money!!

    • Ribert Koonce

      You’re kidding right?They’ve already ran out of our great grand kids money. What makes you think they don’t have designs on further future generations money? These idiots won’t be satisfied until they have bankrupted every future generation that could possibly exist.

      • Rodney Steward

        They’ve already done that, and we’re already past the point of no return! Everyone is just waiting for the SHTF part, this is why they keep pushing GOLD, that most people can’t afford!

        • Ribert Koonce

          yrah, that’s why I’m looking more at copper and silver. It’s all I can afford on a disability check.

          • Rodney Steward

            I know what U mean about the money part, I’m having to stick to lead and steel!! 🙂

          • Ribert Koonce

            I hear ya brother, I’m trying to get it rolling, so I have to do 1 ounce at a time. silver rounds, in Walking Liberty coins just came out at 1 site for $16.79 cents. 1 ounce copper rounds at a buck.

  • The Fox

    A wise man once said “Anyone who would give up freedom for security isn’t worthy of either”. I agree, freedom is more important then any other right and given by God and not man.

    • bandit

      That would be Ben Franklin .

      • The Fox

        Thank you friend, the old brain isn’t what it use to be. LOL. Shalom Friend:

        • bandit

          Peace be with you , brother .

          • The Fox

            Sababa=Cool in Hebrew, thanks and God Bless and Shalom:

    • Ricardo Medellin

      Problem is. this country is full of not to many wise men anymore.

      • The Fox

        Wise in their own minds but dumb when it comes to the mind of God.

  • Alan404

    I continue to wonder as to why the governments role in this California shooting, the government allowed the woman into the country, gets so little mention or attention. Where is the questioning, the investigative media, where indeed, how come the crashing silence on this aspect, on this governmental screw-up??

  • Proud US vet/American

    ” A government big enough to give the people everything they want, is big enough to take it all away.”
    Isn’t this where America is right now in its history? “WE THE PEOPLE…” are the only ones that have the power to stop it! “WE…” are the government! It is time to stand up, put up and take back what is ours in the first place…America!

  • James Healy

    The people of this nation ARE the security! And my freedom of choice says it’s my right, with the Constitution backing it up! And I am not alone!
    Bunch of spineless mongrels wish to say, or try to prove otherwise are damned fools, or dead by the hands of the enemies.
    I can’t remember who said this quote, but;
    ” Let not thyself, nor they brother become Lambs. For the Wolf is ever watching from the shadows. But if thou art the Lion in sheep’s wool, then the Wolf becomes the sheep”!

  • Kitty

    Security of course. This one time for this one phone – APPLE must let them in. But libs rather we get attacked again by ISIS right here in America. (Most people don’t realize the 14 that were killed in San Bernadino was lucky as it was going to be many more but the device failed that they had set up to blow up a bomb). When will we as a nation wake up. BO does not care about us – we have to demand that our Government protect us from these radical nut jobs (ISIS).

  • don lavrich

    God put us all here to live free, follow His commandments, worship Him, and love one another, not to be slaves to elites that think they are above the law and God.

  • Robert Barnes

    The terrior attack would have been stoped early by armed citizens. The communist controled califorina gov. is responsible for many of the deaths on sight. As long as stupid people keep voting for democRATS it will only get worse

  • Robert C Moore

    If it was so simple why the hush up? Well let’s see Hillary confess to the American people about what really happened in Benghazi. I’m still waiting.

  • independent thinker

    I think Apple should give access to the phone but only under the following conditions.
    First; A properly executed search warrant that applies to the phone in question and ONLY to that phone.
    Second: The access to the phone is done in such a way that only the information on the phone in question can be accessed by the FBI.

  • vladilyich

    Once Apple unlocks one phone, regardless of the security precautions taken, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent ANY redneck bumpkin justice of the peace from ordering that they do it on a phone taken from some backwoods meth cooker.

    Once the precedent has been set, there are no do-overs. Any shit for brains LEO or third world dictator can legally require the same thing from Apple. Once the box is opened, Pandora can’t close it again and not even hope will be left inside.

  • Silver Bullet

    Not where I come from, no sir!

  • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.
    Self is a very meaningful word; Self governing, Self worth, Self secure as well as Self obedient.


    The wosafacation was started soon after world war two. people were fearful for their loved ones who went to liberate Europe and were ready to love in peace. Our government had other ideas. when America went to Vietnam our teachers and professors were primed to promote their philosophy into the minds of people who had lived most of their lives in peace. The energy of the protests fed upon itself and the free love is the answer bloomed. People do want to live in peace but when government prompts violence and then stands with a solution many are willing to go along without thinking about it. They are busy making the American dream and sitting in front of the tube with a brew in hand and cheering your favorite team. A distraction government realized the benefit of for they expands this to have the danger pop up to expand their control and power even further. What is the answer? We have two groups that will stand up to government. Our police have been degraded into the para military units that are used for every situation. The danger with so many is when one shot is fired they all start shooting and this we cannot have. No it will be our heroes in the military and our veterans who must stand once again and take control of government and return them to the peoples control. Many will say this is a dangerous move. Yes the same as when we first took control of our own destiny. Our own constitution tells us what to do when government becomes oppressive.

  • Ricardo Medellin

    LIKE A SNOWBALL HEADED FOR HELL. THIS COUNTRY IS HEADED FOR A BIG MELT DOWN.Our government put all of us on that path and that snowball is picking up speed.All that”s left for them to take is our freedoms,liberties and beliefs.Damn them to hell if they think they can take that from me.

  • Are you really sure there are wimps in America or are they waiting to see what the election will bring ? May be they are waiting to see if another nation will come and get Hillary and Obama ??? LOL

  • jastibral

    There is NO ‘security’ Without “Liberty’