Best Way To Conceal Carry

When carrying a concealed firearm, one of your prime considerations will be the location of the gun on or about your person. The placement of the gun will affect several factors pertaining to its use and carriage: how efficient your draw stroke is, how easy the gun is to defend from a takeaway attempt and how generally aware of it and its visibility you are. The likelihood of injury should you fall or be knocked to the ground will also be affected by the gun’s placement.

There are many locations to carry on your body, but only a few are prime real estate, being effective for the most people most of the time. In this article I’ll discuss the principals of effective concealment, analyze the typically used locations on and off the body for concealed carry of a gun and discuss the benefits and shortcomings of each.

Principles of Concealment

Anyone that needs to carry a gun concealed, whoever they may be, does so for the same fundamental reason: discovery that the wielder is armed will lead to a compromising situation of greater or lesser intensity. For police or military personnel involved in sensitive or undercover operations, discovery may very well lead to immediate violence. For a civilian going about their day or in a setting where such things are touchy, it may mean significant embarrassment or legal trouble.

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