Building Your Solar Still

In a survival situation, water can be one of the most difficult items to obtain. Seeing as it is the most important key to surviving if one were to become lost in the wild, it is a good idea to learn ways of obtaining it. One method that you can utilize to obtain water in a survival situation is by making a solar still.

The key word here is CONDENSATION. I’m sure you have made yourself a glass of a cool drink of some type on a hot day, and the outside of the glass gets droplets of water on it. That’s condensation, and that’s the key to obtaining water from a solar still.

Solar Still

Making a solar still in a survival situation depends on three factors:

  • Do you have ANY source for water?
  • Do you have any vessel for collecting water?
  • Do you have a piece of plastic, preferably clear?
  • Is there SUN in the sky?

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