CDC Investigation Supports Idea that Chipotle Was Victim of Bio-Terrorism

chipoltleHere’s a chilling thought…

What if the e-coli outbreaks at various Chipotle restaurants were not caused by faulty food safety handling…

Rather, what if Chipotle was the victim of a bio-terrorist attack?

Here’s more on this theory:

(NaturalNews) After months of investigation, the CDC has now reached a conclusion that provides yet more support for the likelihood that Chipotle was the victim of corporate sabotage by the biotech industry, which targeted Chipotle because of its non-GMO menu.

On December 23 of last year, I wrote about the likelihood of bioterrorism as the cause of Chipotle’s E. coli problem, pointing out that corporate sabotage was 100% consistent with the actions of the biotech industry and its criminal-minded “mafia” of operatives (see for a list of all the “mafia” members). That article was predictably downplayed by the mainstream media, whose journalists remain absolutely clueless about the death threats, censorship, defamation and other dirty tactics routinely used by biotech industry shills to silence opposition.
But now the CDC has reached a conclusion in its investigation of Chipotle that further supports my original contention. “The E. coli outbreaks at Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in the United States appear to be over, but investigators have been unable to trace the cause of the sickness, federal authorities said on Monday,” reports The New York Times. “[I]nvestigators were unable to specify the food or ingredient responsible for the contamination.”

With the millions of dollars GMOs spent to fight food labeling, certainly this is not out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s one more reason to grow your own food and be safe.

  • markypolo

    Solution is simple: STAY home and cook your own meals!

    • satin85718

      I make most everything from scratch. Much safer and I know what’s in it.

      • markypolo

        Mmmmmm. Yummy. May I come over for Dinner? I am a man, but i have loved to cook ever since I was old enough to climb on the kitchen counter. While my wife shops for purses and shoes, I shop for kitchen appliances, utensils, pots and pans. I was really pissed when CHEFS went out of business. I lost an old friend.Stopped shopping at Target because of that!

  • Junior1950

    The “establishment politicians” who are “controlling our lives” need to stop taking bribes from Monsanto lobbyists, and remember the folks back home who elected them to office!! Of course, that may be a bit too much to ask, since when they are elected to office, they rapidly forget who they are SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT!!

  • American Me

    I don’t care.Never been to a Chipotle and don’t intend on going.Now more than ever before.I think this is just an excuse because they took a big hit.Another government bail out.The owner is probably Obama’s buddy.

  • kchamb

    For those who think they can stay home, cook their own food and stay removed from this issue, I have bad news. GMO technology goes right down to the seed and fertilizer level. If Monsanto gets it’s way, you won’t be able to buy non-GMO food and you may not be able to even grow your own. I personally am not afraid of eating GMO type foods but the organic foods only, all pesticides are bad, vaccines cause autism, and meat causes immediate cancers crowd are driving a fad towards no GMOs in the food supply. Monsanto doesn’t want to hear it.

  • Mike Homes

    I’ll grow my own food and provide for my family. Anything left over I will sell to a person who wants to buy.
    Fk the Government!

    • Charles Wilson

      It sounds like you needed an excuse to curse the government. Do you think we would be better off letting companies like Monsanto manipulate us directly? If you want to curse somebody, wouldn’t it make more sense to look up who in the legislature supports Monsanto’s evading the food labeling requirements?? Cursing the politicians who are responsible would work better than howling at the government on a website nobody in government will ever read.

  • Charles Wilson

    What if people responded to this posting with a clear message to the ediitors of this website. It is irresponsible and manipulative crap to put a terrorism headlines on information but has no, ZERO indication of any terrorism involved in food injuries. Irresponsible fear by Greg will get a bozo like Donald Trump are people voting from Fear rather than any competence from the candidate. Is completely irresponsible tube publish quoted information in italics without even attributing the quote to an actual author. If survival Joe is being paid to flash snake oil advertisements on our computer screens Canalis pay a decent editor to manipulate us properly??