7 Steps to Increase Privacy When Using the Internet

Software manufacturers, utility companies, hotels, law enforcement, banks, government agencies and criminals all stand to gain from you surrendering your privacy. They are all selling the lie that you must be a drug dealer or a terrorist if you prefer to communicate anonymously. It’s brainwashing. Don’t be a sheeple. Good guys value privacy too.

Law Enforcement Secretly Using New Radar that “Sees” in Your Home, Find Out How It Works

For a long while now we’ve known the U.S. government has been slowly sneaking military technology into the hands of law enforcement to help them as they search for criminals. It’s not exactly news. But it’s upsetting to know that these technologies are being used to violate our privacy without our knowledge or consent. ABC …

The Disgusting Thing the NSA Does to Blackmail and Control People

While it’s not widely known or acknowledged, our government regularly covers up criminal activity among government employees and officials. Why do they do this? Simple. Once The Powers That Be have “dirt” on somebody, they can control that person by threatening to blackmail him or her. Is covering up criminal activity for the purposes of …