Wilderness Safety Tips for Women

In today’s world, when a calamity knocks, people would go after one another to offer help and support each other all the way. However, sometimes, tragedies bring out the worst out of people. Some of these scheming calamities seem to target defenseless victims like the aging, the disabled and of course, women.

How To Become Invisible In A Crisis

Andy Warhol once said we would all get our fifteen minutes of fame, but it’s nice to be able to choose when they happen. There are other times when you’d much rather not attract any attention – and while you usually have to put some work in to achieve fame, achieving anonymity isn’t as easy as you’d expect, either.

Survival Skill: Unarmed Combat

In an ideal world when a SHTF scenario takes place you’d be wearing your bullet proof vest and have immediate access to your hand gun and assault rifle. Unfortunately this may not be the case because of several factors. The laws in your country might prohibit you from carrying any weapons or the place you are attending might not allow you to carry weapons, such as universities and hospitals. So how do you defend yourself using unarmed combat skills if you get stuck in such an unpleasant situation? This article will go through the steps involved in defending yourself from the initial assessment of the threat, how to avoid or eliminate the threat with your bare hands or with any improvised weapon that you’re likely to come across in everyday life.

How to Survive An Avalanche

In the movie “Avalanche” — starring Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow — a snow-skiing vacation quickly becomes a nightmarish struggle to survive, after an avalanche smashes into the ski resort, trapping the occupants inside.

52 Survival Skills Your Kids Should Be Learning

Growing up, the preparedness lifestyle was pretty much common place. It was just something we did and pretty much everyone I knew, lived the same way. Between common power outages in our neighborhood, playing in the woods, camping with our families, hunting, fishing and growing up with Depression Era grandparents, preparedness was an essential part of our lives.

6 Reasons to Own a Kerosene Heater

For most people that live in locations where winter temperatures mandate heating to remain comfortable or even survive, staying warm is crucial. This means having a main source of heating and at least two backup plans. Remember that three is two, two is one and one is none. People may use electricity, natural gas, heating oil and wood, just to name some. It still surprises me though that a lot of people don’t include what is probably the most rugged system, ideal for disasters which is kerosene heaters.