Coincidence? Las Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Interviewed at Bundy Ranch

Jerad and Amanda Miller

Jerad and Amanda MillerApparently, Las Vegas cop killer Jerad Miller was interviewed during the time he was at Bundy Ranch.

According to some sources, Bundy Ranch protesters asked Jerad and Amanda Miller to leave because they were uncomfortable with the couple’s aggressive viewpoints.

But Jerad Miller was interviewed before he left. Here’s the news segment that ran this past April…

Here’s where the story gets even stranger.

Rather than focus on the killers themselves, Jerad and Amanda Miller, mainstream media outlets have begun to implicate the liberty movement and alternative media outlets like and Drudge Report.

Raw Story, a liberal news blog, has placed Jones at the center of the controversy. “Jerad Miller outlined his political views, which were largely based on conspiracy theories promoted by Fox News and Alex Jones, in his social media postings, and he posted frequently about firearms and violent revolution,” writes Travis Gettys.

Kit Daniels points out that White House front group Media Matters has falsely blamed Alex Jones and Infowars for the Las Vegas shooting. To counter these allegations, Daniels writes: stated that Jerad Miller was an “Infowars guy” because he posted to Planet Infowars, but considering that Miller also posted his rants to Facebook, wouldn’t that make him a “Facebook guy” as well?

Blaming Infowars for Miller’s posts to Planet Infowars is no different than blaming Facebook for the posts users make on the social media site.

And despite the fact that Jerad Miller had over 80 “Likes” on his Facebook page, including a wide variety of libertarian public figures and organizations, Media Matters only targeted Jones and Matt Drudge, a fact of which highlights its true agenda: to take down alternative media.

Add to this the “coincidence” of Jerad Miller being interviewed at Bundy Ranch — an event covered almost exclusively by alternative media — and it almost starts to feel like a a big set-up.