What Cops Ordered Trash Collectors to Do in NYC Will Make Your Blood Boil

fruitThis can only happen in New York, New York,

First there’s the mayor who banned Big Gulps.

Now, the NYPD are ordering trash collectors to throw away perfectly good food… if the food is a public nuisance?

New York, NY — A video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week that is sure to infuriate all who see it.

In the video, which was originally posted on the Facebook page of Gary Schlesinger of Brooklyn, New York City trash collectors are being ordered around by an NYPD cop. They are picking up dozens of cases of fruits and vegetables — and throwing them into the back of a trash truck.

According to Schlesinger, “NYC [is] cracking down on fruit stores that put out merchandise more than 4 feet from store.”

The food was allegedly blocking a sidewalk, so, instead of asking the owner move it, or merely confiscating it from a non-compliant owner and giving it to a food shelter, the government’s decision was to put it in a landfill.

The Free Thought Project contacted the New York Police Department and the City of New York on Saturday for a statement on why they are throwing away the food, but we’ve yet to hear back.+

According to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, in the 2012-2014 time frame, over 1.4 million New Yorkers – including nearly one in four of the city’s children – lived in households that lacked sufficient food.

If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ll find these fruit and vegetable stands all over the city.

You’ll also see very few supermarkets.

Plus, many people don’t own cars or drive in New York.

These fruit stands are small business owners trying to make a living. They provide a valuable service to the residents of New York.

Why not point out the city code for proper fruit displays rather than taking the food and throwing it away?

This move only makes sense for a heavy handed government who wants to exercise its muscle against the little guy.

  • David

    Only in Amerika, a nation founded by Geniuses and run by IDIOTS who obviously prefer Big Brother over Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity. That’s why they’re dumbing us down as fast as they can. A public that can think for themselves, and that are enterprising have NO NEED for a HUGE BLOATED CORRUPT “Government”.

    • Jamie Hall

      The last time this article popped up, I suggested throwing the asshats behind this lunacy in the back of the garbage truck and compacting them instead of the food. But I think there might be an even better use for them. Run them through a meat grinder instead and use them for compost in a community garden. It will “clean up” the city and make a dent in the hunger problem too. It’s a win-win.

    • YellowSoul

      And De Blasio will let people piss and crap in public???

      • PatriotGal

        diBlasio loves OccupyWallSt because that is what they did to NYC.

      • frankspeak

        GOT THAT RIGHT!…just take a walk through battery park in the morning!….

  • No-Mo-BO

    Under who’s orders are these A-holes with badges doing this?!

    • tim

      that’s what Id like to know.the cops have no authority to tell the garbage collectors what to pickup and where or not to put it.
      if the cops think it in the way let them move it.or better yet call the food bank and tell them theres free food ,come and get it.

      • deerflyguy

        Actually, the police not only have the authority, but they also have the obligation to see that the sidewalks remain passible for their intended purpose – pedestrian traffic! That includes using any method they can to rid the sidewalks of obstructions, be they manmade or otherwise. That’s the primary reason that vehicles are issued tickets for parking on the sidewalk, or such offending vehicles are sometimes towed, and why any other obstruction is considered refuse, and, as such, comes under the authority of the Department of Sanitation.

        • Ace Dragon

          they just threw away food that would last a few month in africa where kids are dieing from starvation.

          • deerflyguy

            Unfortunately, that is probably correct, but it’s bad enough that they had to follow through on this at all. Nobody comes out the winner. The police (who have better things to do, wouldn’t have had to respond and call the sanitation department if the venders (who lost their wares) hadn’t selfishly crowded the limits of their encroachments, causing pedestrian conflicts, generation of public complaints, and the response of sanitation workers who don’t have the time to sort out garbage from edibles, or to send out special vehicles and crews to make the distinction. Nope! An expensive lesson to be learned here. Everyone loses!

        • frankspeak

          understood…we’re just questioning their methods….

    • Ace Dragon

      the city, nothing can be more than 4 feet from the street. if that was my store i would have shot the cops and the trash men. thats a persons life there trowing away. his lively hood. more corupt crap from that sespool NYC.!

      • deerflyguy

        You’re a real prize, aren’t you? No corruption here that I can see? You’d kill police and sanitation workers who were sent (perhaps reluctantly) to do their jobs because some politicians some time ago, passed a law, or ordinance, that included provisions that allowed for some compromise for venders to occupy a portion of the sidewalk to sell their goods, but that wasn’t enough for them! They had to have more than their share, and to hell with the pedestrians (also their customer base) if they have to walk in the street! So, when push came to shove, the police and garbagemen, had to respond, the venders lost some of (but not all of) their wares (just the encroaching portion), and the taxpayers got the bill for the enforcement!

        • Geebub


    • Terrie

      According to the other articles I’ve read, it was Mayor DeBlasio who ordered the removal of any items displayed more than 4 feet from the stores. I hope the owners sent him a bill for their merchandise!

  • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

    As Forrest Gump would say, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Fabian

    New effing York, always.

  • Trisha55

    The illogical methods of a liberal can never be expected to be rational. This is more of the Big Brother mentality. “You didn’t do what I told you to do so I will do it for you.” Government at its liberal finest.

  • Ezra

    Your government …. for the people ……. but by the bureaucrats.

  • olddawg1

    Here’s a suggestion for NY: If you see a legislator more than four feet from the Capitol Building, throw him in the trash.

    • barterman1955

      Better yet, if you see a politician anywhere, throw them in a landfill. I’d imagine that all of the landfills will be full pretty fast!

      • olddawg1

        Yep–but you can’t recycle them since there is no raw material worth saving!
        Not surprising that you and I think alike, since I was born in 1955!

      • suz

        Better yet vote them out

  • Marv

    Most politicians never let intelligence get in the way of their thinking.
    Which is why we need an intelligent businessman to run things

    • Patriot1001

      Business man…not a dc elite that has no soul or brain. Wipe the slate clean and bring in the business savvy candidates to do the work and set a two term limit on all elected officials. No retirement benefits…just the satisfaction of serving this nation as our founders did.

      • Daniel from TN

        Instead of a two term limit, I favor a 12 year limit. A person elected to the House of Representatives will be limited to 4 years (2 terms) in office, but someone elected to the Senate could serve 12 years (also, 2 terms). A 12 year limit could be 2 terms in the Senate, 6 terms in the House, or 1 term in the Senate and 3 terms in the House.
        BUT, I do agree that members of Congress should not receive retirement benefits. I also believe that at least one member of the Senate should be appointed by the state legislature instead of being elected.

    • Roknrobin Thirty-two

      Amen to that…Go Trump!

  • usncb

    NYC SUCKS SEWER GAS! These cops are a sorry bunch of public servants to help the people who pay there salaries, and the mayors also. What a sorry brown hole gov.’t

  • deerflyguy

    You’ve certainly warped the facts of this narrative to fit your perspective, haven’t you? More than likely, the city is reacting to public complaints, as it should, simply because these venders have pushed their wares so far out onto the sidewalks that pedestrians (which are numerous in big cities like NY City) are forced to walk in the streets. That ain’t safe, people! I’ll bet that the venders have been forewarned about the issue well before the city had to waste public manpower to do what the venders could have, and should have done – pull back their wares completely, or at least to a reasonable compromise distance from their business storefront. Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile! Sidewalks are for pedestrians, not venders, unless they have a permit for vending, and even those legal uses of the sidewalks have rules. Why don’t you write about something that matters, like meddlesome governmental regulations in private commerce which stiffles economic growth, rather than to stir up your readers about common sense governmental solutions to self inflicted (by the scofflaw venders) situations which puts life and limb in jeopardy?

    • Roknrobin Thirty-two

      Actually, you make sense!

      • deerflyguy

        Thank you! I always try to understand why things are the way they are, before going off half cocked.

  • Art The Fart

    The people must want and like this, since they voted in the Bozos who are mandating it! The people get the government that they vote for and deserve.

  • Peter Smith

    New York, ……….. that says about that needs to be said.

    • deerflyguy

      Make that New York City, not New York. There are a whole lot of upstate New Yorkers who think the same way as you do, and only stick around NY State, because they won’t be run out by the likes of King Andrew Cuomo (who stupidly, and arrogantly, invited all conservative thinkers living in the state to leave if they didn’t like his ways) and his democrat machine! Most upstaters are nowhere near liberal minded! All across America, the big cities have the same problems. That is where, invited and backed by their “progressive”, liberal, socialist democrat politicians, the human leeches congregate to live off social programs paid for by the rest of society’s working, productive, tax PAYING population.

      • Peter Smith

        I stand corrected. New York City it is. My apologies to the residents of upstate New York. Thanks deerflyguy.

        • deerflyguy

          Apology accepted! You are not alone in your misconception.

  • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    And yet these people still vote Democrat, this is a very good example of stupidity. In fact New York City should be the poster child of stupidity.

    • Roknrobin Thirty-two

      Woo, woo, yeah!

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      To paraphrase an old saying… voting the same people in over and over again and expecting different results is a sure sign of stupidity.

  • jjmcl431

    i wonder if the lovable mayor of NYC put out this order? the police would not do this unless higher up’s ordered them to do it.

    • deerflyguy

      Laws have been broken here! Often, laws are overlooked when they are obscure or unliked by the populace (such as “no spitting on the sidewalk”), but when the police receive complaints from the public, they have to enforce the law! I’ll bet they are reacting to complaints from people who might have had to walk in the street because of venders pushing their produce into the sidewalk area.

  • Junior1950

    Wanton waste of good food is a SIN!! This “confiscated food” could be put to better use feeding the homeless, those who have been without a job for an extended period of time, or hungry children who do not need to know the pain of starvation!! The people of New York City would do well to get rid of their Mayor, Bill “The Village Idiot” DeBlasio!!

  • Clayton

    the people just need to wake up and start filling charges because someone is stealing food from in front of their store.

  • Dan

    I hate NY! Thank God I am never going there again. I am even leaving my east coast cesspool city better known as Baltimore.

  • Mr. Lips

    Because New York SUCKS big time and they are all idiots there.

  • barterman1955

    The problem is that people are peeing in it and that’s not illegal in NYC!

  • Jerome Bigge

    Our government is starting to emulate that of Vladimir Putin’s in Russia. Although both of our political parties today are becoming more and more tyrannical. The USA is not a good country for poor people either.

  • The Fox

    New Puke oops New York is the only place the real criminals are in office and in control, can’t stand that evil place and will be glad when it falls in the ocean along with New Jerk-Off next door.

  • that is a Democrat controlled city: food getting trashed by the truckload, thousands of kids not having enough nutritious food to eat, and officials blaming greedy Republicans for trouble in the city

  • Jim

    Sounds About Right For Them. No Surprise.

  • DaveM

    That was unlawful for the cops to follow it. Idiots leading intelligent people and people blindly following!

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Store owner should deduct it from his taxes as a business loss. Also, people standing around should’ve offered to buy it. I would’ve! — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • disqus_tpc8waQI76

    can see that that government just makes this worse than they have to be 8 time out of 10

  • kenstaff

    Welcome to new nazi Amerika……

  • Original Rebel

    How absolutely incredibly stupid!!!! Hard to believe that the NYC cops could be so ignorant and vindictive. Too much of Bloomberg probably!


    With that dip wad communist for mayor you will not get a plausible answer but you can bet on plenty of lies….

  • original ancestry

    Follow the rules for keeping the sidewalks clear. It’s not Hong Kong okay? Common sense. Besides, how do you know these store owners haven’t been told already? You can’t place signs or anything on the sidewalks in California. They have codes for this. You get fines in California. These people got off cheap.

  • Sam

    Ya, New York cityers like to think of themselves as the most sophisticated and smartest people on the planet when actually, New York cityers are the stupidest people in America. New Yorkers elected a fat, commie blowhard in de Blasio, who hates cops and hates himself because he’s white. That’s right de Blasio is typical of mentally screwed up self-haters. The last decent mayor was Mayor Giuliani . But, de Blasio? Give me a break, de Blasio has the blood of NYPD cops smeared all over his hands and dripping from his teeth. How many cops have been murdered by racist negros since de Blasio was elected? How does that compare to Giuliani ? How about the crime rate? Every democrat mayor city has had an increase in murders, drivebys, rapes and violent crime since 1/1/2016. New York city is on its way to getting back it’s label as “murder city” thanks to reverse racist de Blasio. New York cityers are dumber than a case of the clap, and most of them probably have the clap too.

  • paulrod

    New York, New York, what a wonderful town!!!

  • jerry young

    what can you say? we’re talking about NY, ban large soft drinks, throw away perfectly good food when there are homeless that are starving just because it’s in someones way without allowing the owner a chance to move it first, only in NY! rule and regulate your people into submission, well to be fair I guess that’s the obama way too!

  • Flyby

    The city so nice they named it twice.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    What will these idiots do next.

  • Jons_On

    What do you expect when you have an idiot for mayor?

  • kaitty

    They are looking for money from the grocery store, pay offs! Every where I hear and read stories that scream “pay off”! What a very sad world we do live in today!

  • frankspeak

    yeah,..those fruit store vendors better not protest too much…they risk getting choked to death!….

  • Ron C

    A bureaucrat will always vote for a fascist police state…..because it increases their own corruption & power to profit off the people enslaved.

  • jack

    no said new York city had any one that knew what they where doing its run by morons