Why Did this DEA Agent Strike a Woman in the Neck with an M-16 Rifle?

A woman in Alpine, Texas was subjected to a brutal attack by an overzealous DEA agent earlier this week.

When Llana Lispen and her sister showed up to work a few mornings ago at her sister’s smoke shop, they were greeted by heavily armed DEA agents before even making it inside of their store, The Purple Zone.

DEA agents claim they were executing a nationwide crackdown on synthetic drugs when they showed up at The Purple Zone.

What Lispen says is that as soon as she and her sister showed up to the shop, DEA agents promptly asked for the keys so they could enter the property.

Before Lispen or her sister even had the chance to respond that there were no keys for the property and that they used smart codes for entry, the DEA agent in charge instructed other agents to break down the doors of their shop.

Lispen claims that once the agents forced entry, they went around the building disabling all security cameras.

Not only did they disrupt the surveillance footage, they also confiscated cameras, hard drives, cell phones and even some of their firearms.

From Lispen’s account, the only thing that she was able to understand about the raid was that they were looking for some kind of documents.

As she told the local news channel News West 9:

“The only information that I could get was they were looking for some type of document, I said, ‘Well, could you please tell me what kind of document that you’re looking for and I can help you?’ But they wouldn’t give me any information.”

As the raid was underway and as her sister watched from the sidewalk, a DEA agent demanded that her sister leave the premises, to which Lispen’s sister responded:

“What are you going to do, shoot me?”

That’s when things got ugly.

A picture of the injury sustained by Lispen's sister after a DEA agent struck her in the neck with the butt of his M16 rifle.
A picture of the injury sustained by Lispen’s sister after a DEA agent struck her in the neck with the butt of his M16 rifle.

As Infowars reported:

“He grabbed her by the shoulders and started roughhousing her,” Lipsen said. “My sister has never been arrested, has never had any other problems and she was terrified.”

Lipsen says the situation grew worse after her sister flinched, causing the agent to become even more violent.

“At that moment, he took his foot and tripped her to get her off of her feet and have her down to the ground. One of her feet came flying up and accidentally hit him in the shin,” Lipsen said. “At that time he started saying, ‘Well now you’re assaulting a police officer.’ And he started attacking her more. He took the butt of his M-16 rifle and smashed it into her neck.”

At that, Lispen said her sister was thrown into handcuffs and then led away as another agent fiercely gripped her neck and kept her in a painful hold.

“She was yelling, ‘Get off of me. You’re hurting me. You’re choking me.’ He had his hand around her neck as he was holding her face into the ground of the neighbor’s property,” Lipsen said.

Lispen and her sister were charged with three felonies as the DEA claims they were selling illegal substances.

Both women deny the charges.

When confronted about the alleged brutality, DEA agents denied all allegations. While they did confirm the assault charges and arrest, they claim that any blood found on the scene came after an agent cut himself going into the building.

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