Eight Rules For Surviving Abroad

I’ve used to travel a lot and I still go abroad occasionally. My business took me to countries few Americans consider safe and I’ve learned a lot from each trip. Surviving abroad requires a certain level of preparedness, but also a traveling etiquette that needs to be respected to the letter.  

Many of those who travel to a foreign country are like children in the outback when it comes to surviving abroad. They lack the skills necessary to safe travel though unreliable territories. Having traveled around much of the world for the past 15 years, I have developed a few rules to help me return home safely. These rules for surviving abroad will help those traveling to a foreign country, regardless their reason behind the trip.

Follow these rules for surviving abroad:

  1. Prepare first

Any trip, may it be short or long, requires advance preparation. This makes the difference between struggling to find help in a God forsaken town and enjoying a day at the SPA. Planning an agenda for your trip can save you a lot of trouble when you arrive at your destination. Inform yourself about local customs, history, political climate and other requirements for entering and leaving the country.  Surviving abroad requires for you to have all the information regarding your visa and passport, but also to have a general idea of how much things and services cost.

Even more, you should learn about the exchange rate of currency and avoid being scammed when buying items in local currency. Another thing important for your safety and well-being is having a travel notebook. Write down, names, addresses and phone numbers of next of kin in case your phone gets stolen. This was an unpleasant situation I’ve experienced in India. I realized that I don’t remember any of the phone numbers that would be useful in case of misfortune.


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