Essential Survival Skills For Kids

How safe are our kids today? Isn’t it a very valid question? It’s quite natural that we, as parents become so protective and in this blind love, we end up doing everything for them. We are proud of the fact that our kids are 100 % dependent on us. But is that fair?

Think about, what will be your response if I ask you, whether your kids will be able to manage on their own if they have a crisis.

The contingency can be small or big, but, as parents, we have the complete responsibility to train our kids on some necessary survival skills, for them to take care of, on their own during these situations.

Life is so unpredictable, and we don’t know what will happen in the next moment. There is no control over these. Trust me; we never know when our kids would require these survival skills. But it doesn’t mean that we needn’t teach them to be prepared. To give you a small example, cockroach-like bugs can be scary for your kids. Even my five-year-old is scared of water bugs. He normally asks me “do water bugs bite?”

There are simple tricks that we can teach them; praying soap water on cockroaches, is an easy way to kill them immediately or a solution of water and few drops of peppermint oil can be sprayed to keep these water bugs away.

This guide will help you in getting to know the essential survival skills that you should train your kids on.


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  • John Doe

    It’s great to start kids out on survival skills at a young age. But parents, I believe underestimate how resourceful kids can be. Parents need to start teaching thier kids responsibility at a young age, it doesn’t start when they’re 18yrs old. And common sense can’t be taught out of a book.