Finding Water When SHTF

When it comes to a post-SHTF situation, one of the most critical resources you will need is fresh water that can be filtered for drinking. If you live in a more rural area or own a home with a little bit of land, you may have a well, spring, or other fresh water source on your property. But for the rest of us, storage space for water may be limited. If water to our home stops flowing for whatever the reason, our water stockpile will deplete quickly.

This is especially the case for those that live in apartments, condos, housing allotments, or senior retirement or assisted living complexes. City folk need to know in advance where the places to find water in the city post-SHTF are located. Identifying and mapping out these water sources will save us critical time and energy when it comes time to collect water to filter post-SHTF. Knowing multiple places to find water in the city could be the difference between survival and death.

1. Public Fountains
If water is off to your home or neighborhood due to a natural disaster or SHTF event, public fountains in nearby areas that still have public water can be an option. Always filter and boil water that you collect from public areas to stay on the safe side.

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