Gathering Wood 101

Stockpiling fire wood is a sensible precaution and preparation for potential power outages and longer term emergencies. Before coal, oil and electricity, wood was our primary source of fuel, with dried peat and buffalo chips taking its place in climates and situations when wood was scarce. If you don’t want to resort to burning feces though how should you go about building up your reserves of fire wood?

Wood for immediate use

If you need wood for immediate use, make sure it is seasoned as well as possible. Yes there are some species of wood which will burn even when green such as ash due to it’s relatively low water content and the oils it contains but it still burns better when it has been seasoned.

You can also burn green wood more easily if you have a proper wood burning stove and of course once your fire is hot enough you will of course be able to burn as much green wood as you want although it won’t produce as much heat as it would otherwise and will produce lots of smoke and soot so you are much better off using properly seasoned wood and you should plan on procuring plenty of it for emergencies.

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