Group Survival Or Alone, Which Is Better?

A common, fun theoretical question that you’ll hear pop up among preppers, shooters, outdoorsmen, and other red-blood types is, “who do you want with you after, or during the apocalypse?” Time-honored crowd favorites include various fictional characters, a squad of elite military badasses, or an army of killer robots. Or Chuck Norris, because of course.

This light-hearted query belies a serious one though: who will you take with you? Or will you take your chances on your own? Why should you place trust in anyone besides yourself? When the balloon goes up, will you be facing the grim task ahead with only your wit, skills and determination?

Some of us will have little choice in the matter. Many of us have families, loved ones or dependents that we are and will remain responsible for. Others have close friends, the 3:00AM back-to-back kind who we will take our chances with. Still others will have cast in their lot with a group of like-minded individuals, brought together for the promise of mutual aid.

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  • Timothy Toroian

    One week, alone,maybe, long term a group, BUT if you don’t already have a circle of people you would go with and have logistics in place, start. Even if is discussion and each person is collecting a storing specific. There is a novel that is a good guide for what rally long term survival, Lucifer’s Hammer by Jerry Pournelle about a comet hitting earth. You don’t need the first half of the book, it’s the last half that’s important. I actually recommend it for any survivalist. You might think I’m crazy but won’t after you read it.