Guns for Smaller People

The man charged straight at me. He was huge, nearly three hundred pounds and over six and a half feet of nothing but muscle and violent intent, and he was unbelievably fast. I backpedaled rapidly but coolly as I shot repeatedly.

My shutter clicked and clicked, and I got one fantastic photo of a former NFL lineman completely flattening the opposing quarterback who’d tried to sweep around and up my sideline.

You get used to being the small one. I’m a poor physical match for a hand to hand fight with many of the people around me, but I’m unwilling to be cast in the role of victim. I carry a handgun at times in recognition that not all of the people around me might be willing to let me live in peace. It didn’t take long to learn, though, that a lot of gun design did not have people of my size in mind. There are some special considerations to gun choices for smaller people; and these are the topic of this post.

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