Hiding Guns 101

Hiding your guns, extra ammunition, cleaning kits, and repair kits, is a great idea for many reasons. Not only is finding great hiding spots important when tucking away firearms, you also must prepare the weapon to life underground, or for exposure to the elements so it is still functional an ready to fire after you retrieve it.

When hiding weapons, you must take into consideration how deep you are burying the cache, what type of material the housing unit is comprised of, and not just possible exposure to water, but moisture, a well.

Reasons to Hide Your Guns

The decision to hide guns at all has sparked some very heated debate on survival boards. Some posters called it a ridiculous act at best, and an exercise in futility, at worst. Perhaps the reason some folks calling themselves preppers mocked the idea of hiding weapons is because they assumed the motivation behind such an act was only to protect them from confiscation. The posters said if the government was confiscating guns, they would find the hidden ones, you would get caught when you shoot it, and severe punishment, maybe even death, would be levied on those Americans caught hiding guns.

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source: modernsurvivalonline.com