How Many Guns Do You Need When SHTF?

One of the most popular discussions in all of prepperdom and other self-sufficiency circles is the one that revolves around guns. Guns, guns, guns-a-go-go. For most serious preppers, it comes with the territory. For newer inductees, an interest in self-defense or guns in general is a usual gateway into broader and more inclusive prepping.

This is a good thing, as guns are the free man’s and free woman’s weapons of the era, and having one handy that you know how to use will always make you a serious negotiator in any discussion where the outcome involves your safety or sovereignty. No matter where you live in the U.S., you can own a gun of some kind. In a few localities it might be extremely laborious, but you can own one.

A potential pitfall occurs when the quest for purchasing “enough” guns and ammo becomes the mission unto itself. I call this affliction the “Gun Bug.” How many guns do you really need to be “prepared?” Similarly, is one gun enough for yourself, or every person in your group? And what about types of guns? Is one of each sufficient to declare you are ready, or is such a scheme necessary at all?

In the interest of preventing the Gun Bug from taking over the lives, bank accounts and energies of the general prepping populace, today’s article will break down the essential questions you should answer before deciding on the number and types of guns you should seek to procure.

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