How Much to Plant to Feed Your Family

It’s near seed starting time, and the perfect time to plan out my summer garden. I rent a plot from the community garden that is 800 square feet (oddly the same size as my apartment). This is not enough to provide our needs, but does well for us.

Part of the learning plan for this garden is to learn how much I need to plant, based on % crop loss, our eating habits, yield per plant, my growing abilities, etc. I am using this time while I live in an apartment and use the community garden as a time to experiment and collect data on how I want to set up my own garden when I eventually have my own land.

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In the days of subsistence farming, the answer to this question was passed down from generation to generation. But today, this seems like an important question. How much do I need to plant if I want to live out of my garden for the whole year?

My method to answer this questions for your family

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  • Dan Colley

    Lets hope nothing happens before this fall so we can read about the success of your garden !!! The way I figure it, I need at least a year’s worth of survival food (maybe slightly more) stashed away so that I will have that year to get a garden in and growing, some rabbits in a cage and making baby rabbits, a few chickens for eggs and meat, and so forth. Who knows? Maybe I can keep a goat or two for milk. If you can’t get it going in a year, you probably won’t get it going at all. All this assumes that I can make it through that year.