How Prepping Links To Hermitism

You like to be by yourself. You enjoy the outdoors and you’re good with your hands. If that sounds like you, you might just make a good hermit. As a survivalist, this is a legitimate concern and a test of your ability to make it after a catastrophic event. You may find yourself the only one who made it out alive, or you may find yourself alone out of necessity or hardship.

Whatever the reason, the time to determine if you can make it as a hermit is before the event strikes. If you find that you don’t pass muster though, you can prepare yourself to function better just in case you do end up alone.

So what is a hermit actually? Well, if you were to look the definition up in most dictionaries and via a Google search, most will tell you that it’s a religious experience, getting closer to God via solitude in nature. And this might be true, as many find it to be a spiritual experience – but from a survivalist perspective, it’s not quite so profound. The question here is really whether or not you can make it in solitude.

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