How to Grow Food Without Land

What are people to do who do not own or rent land and want to start a survival garden today? One reader was facing this exact dilemma.

We’ll call him Preparedness Pete. For reasons that will become obvious in a minute he prefers I do not reveal his location. Let’s just say he lives somewhere in Canada.

His family rents a second floor apartment. They have a small balcony where they are growing mung beans, squash and cucumber in pots. Obviously not enough to live off.

Pete got himself a pre-release copy of Food Crisis 2: How to Prepare for a Long-Term Food Shortage and followed the advice I gave on page 31:

Find off-the-trail, out of the public-eye, locations in public natural areas to plant your seeds. Make sure they have plenty of sunlight and are located near water. This way, even if you don’t have land, you can head out to these locations to gather your semi-wild harvest.

He tried three different locations in city parks and natural areas. Two of them failed. But the third experiment is producing squash and cucumber plants. It’s totally hidden amidst long grass in a clearing surrounded by forest. Here’s a short video of the small trial garden four weeks after Pete planted the seeds:

So whatever your situation may be… don’t assume you can’t get prepared. There’s always a way – you just need to think way outside the box, try something different and never say die.