How to Safely Bug Out from the City

There are different types of disasters that could destroy life as you know it in a city (natural causes, or caused by mankind). The worst thing you can do as a prepper, is not have a plan for the worst-case scenario. If a disaster strikes the city you live in, you’ll want a plan so you won’t have to panic and find a way out when everyone else is doing the same.

Bugging out from inside of a city can be very difficult, especially when the disaster is more serious. There are far more risks involved when you are dealing with a larger population in a more confined area. The risk of being confronted by zombies (the unprepared) increase, as well as the risk of becoming bogged down due to high traffic. Having the right plan can make the difference between getting out within an hour, or within a day.

Different disasters cause different reactions from people in a populated area. Hurricanes are a major cause of mass evacuations in cities along the east coast. When it’s hurricane season, most media organizations give a warning enough in advance to ease some of the anxiety of evacuating. A disaster caused by man, however, can cause severe panic. This leads us into why you should plan ahead to bug out of the city within the first hour.


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