How to Survive a Gut Infection Without Medical Assistance

After a disaster, such as we saw with Hurricane Sandy, one of the number one threats to survival is infection. Especially a gut infection.

The most common way survivors become infected with deadly intestinal bacteria is by drinking non-potable water. Gaining access to clean water after a disaster is rarely as simple as turning on your kitchen faucet.

First of all, you may might not even have a kitchen left. Secondly, even if water is coming out of the tap, it could easily be contaminated by a sewage leaking.

In most cases, however, city water will not be available at all. If the electrical grid is down that often means water pumps and filtration plants are offline.

Turning to your local creek isn’t a bad idea. But the water needs to be properly treated before drinking. Most people don’t know how to do this. Most people have next to no survival skills. Once thirst overtakes your average citizen in a survival situation you’ll find them gulping down pond scum.

While you may be smart enough to boil your water or put it through a filtration device, many people won’t. In a survival situation you may find yourself surrounded by people dying from serious gut infections. Worse, there may be no medical assistance available to help them.

During the last Survival Joe Mastermind Meeting, John C. A. Manley explained how he helped his wife recover from a serious gut infection. Because his wife also suffers from kidney failure, their hospital was unwilling to treat her. The only option the hospital left them with was cutting out her colon.

Deciding not to wait around for such an operation, Manley’s wife checked herself out of the hospital at 2am. She’d been there since 8pm and her situation had only become worse. Doctors and nurses frowned at them as they left the hospital to try some “quack home remedies.”

Two days later, Nicole had recovered completely.

So what did they do that you can also use if you find yourself in a survival situation where everybody around you is drinking dirty water?

First off, you need to get them drinking plenty of clean water. Filter it and/or boil it. They’ll probably start experiencing massive amounts of diarrhea. This is a good sign. It’s how their body is going to clean itself out. But diarrhea requires water. So keep them drinking plenty of warm water.

Adding lemon juice to the water, Manley found, not only helps get the water down, it contains anti-bacterial properties that will help kill the unwelcome invaders.

Oil of oregano, however, is a simple herbal remedy the Manley duo found very effective. “Taking it once isn’t enough,” says Manley. “You need to keep on taking it every hour. Alternate with a healthy probiotic on the half hour.”

The oil of oregano will help kill the bacteria (or at least convince them to move out). The probiotics will move in healthy bacteria that will take up camp and protect the colon.

“Oil of oregano should definitely be included in your survival kit,” says Manley. “It has a mean bite, burns on the tongue, but gets the job done.”

Keep in mind that recovering from dysentery isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. It can take hours, days, or weeks for the body to recover from a serious gut infection.

I hope you are never in a situation where members of your community are dying from drinking non-potable water. Nonetheless, I hope the above tips will be useful if such a situation does arrive.

Of course, if available, you should seek out professional help. But professional help is often overwhelmed or unavailable in a disaster situation. Knowing a little herbal medicine and having some inexpensive remedies on hand may make a life or death difference.

To hear the complete interview with John C. A. Manley, including how his family has dealt with multiple life-threatening medical emergencies, please click here.

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.
-Survival Joe