How to Survive a Mass Shooting

With the terror of the Orlando shooting, people all over the country are reevaluating survival tactics for mass shootings. The general consensus is that the decisions you make in that first few minutes will largely determine whether you live or die. It is easy to mourn the dead and tell yourself that victims were trapped and had no choices. While your choices are limited, you do still have them.

In this article I want to dispel some myths about survival. As an advocate of the 2nd amendment, it is easy to say that fewer people would have died if more of them were armed. That is not always the case. Even with a gun, fighting back should be a last resort. The order of actions for any mass shooting should be to flee, gain security, and fight back if absolutely needed.

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  • Keith

    First, Carry, Every Day, Everywhere.
    Then Practice, a lot.
    Then Vote Conservative for the Second Amendment to actually be enforced in all 50 States.
    That will take you further than run and hide ever will.

  • Michael Gregory