How To Throw Knives For Survival

Watching a skilled knife thrower in action is an incredible thing to behold.

But if you’ve never tried it yourself, you may not realize “the experts make it look easy”. Accurately throwing knives takes a lot of practice (and some guidance doesn’t hurt either).

Why You Should Learn To Throw Knives

But first, why would you want to throw a knife in the first place?

Well, perhaps you want to know the skill as a “last resort” self-defense tactic. Maybe you’d like to hunt small game silently and discreetly. Or perhaps you dream of joining a circus to dazzle crowds with your bladed accuracy.

Or maybe you just think throwing knives is badass. Which it is indeed!

Regardless of why you want to throw a knife, learning the skill takes guidance. So this article will serve as detailed instruction on how to throwing knives.

But before we dive in,  I want to warn you – there’s some serious controversy surrounding the usefulness of this skill for self-defense and survival.

Many believe if you enter a fight with a knife, you should NEVER throw away your weapon. Not only are you effectively disarming yourself, but unless you make the perfect throw, you’ll make your assailant angrier (and now you have no weapon).

You also probably just armed your assailant with the weapon you just threw at them…

It’s easy to see the logic there, and I agree with it. But like I said: I’ve seen some amazing knife throwers in my day. And it’s frightening to behold how accurately and how powerfully some can sling a blade.


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