How You Won’t Survive A Disaster

If you are reading this article, on this site, you probably care about surviving disasters in all their forms. And you should; death follows in the wake of disasters. No matter how well prepared, how well equipped or well trained death will always get a vote.

In this article, instead of delving into detail on preventing disaster from claiming your life, we are going to get very cozy with all the varied and terrible ways that death may usher you off the mortal plane. It is my hope that aside from being grimly entertaining reading, this list may help you identify and shore up any weak spots in your own preparations.

With enough foresight, dedication, grit and a little luck when the reaper knocks to collect his due you can whisper back, “Not this one. Not today.”

This list is in no way a complete, itemized ledger of all the possible ways to die during or in the aftermath of a disaster or crisis. Truly, there are so many literal and medical causes of death I do not think they can be catalogued.