Is Your Ammo Waterproof?

You’ve been up and on the move since 3:00AM. It was raining at 3:15AM, and it shows no sign of stopping. You found out shortly after 4:00 in the morning that your waterproof hooded jacket and pants, aren’t.

You are utterly drenched. Fate, it turns out, is not without a sense of humor; the large, fallen oak tree you planned to shimmy across over the river, the one that has lain in that exact spot for over a decade, has shifted in the rain-swollen river. Now you must wade across in water over your belly.

You do. Now, besides your shivering, the only thought you have is of your ammunition. Your rifle and optic, if quality, will hardly suffer from mere water, but your ammo; it has been wet, soaking wet, for hours. You know you will have to make the shot soon. When you go off-safe and take the slack out of the trigger, what will happen?

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