Make Sure Your Bug Out Bag Has These

Debates carry on endlessly about what one should or should not keep in a BOB. Preppers furnish meticulously detailed and designed lists of their BOBs’ contents only for other to tear it apart for some real or imagined inconsistency or incompatibility with their environment or intended mode of egress.

This is a case of much ado about nothing, as most of these arguments revolve around someone else’s loadout being unsatisfactory for someone else. A BOB is more or less good if contains supplies and equipment to cover the needs of an adult human for an extended period of time without any support, typically 48 to 72 hours.

Those principal needs are food, water, shelter (temperature control) and security. Some self-reliance disciples will back on a macro scale to cover those needs: MREs, potable water, a pop-up tent and a firearm with ammo. Others take a micro or minimalist approach, choosing smaller, lighter equipment options that will let them obtain or build their needed commodities: dehydrated food, water filters, tools for building a shelter and crafting a spear or similar weapon.

The best approach, as with many things, is one of moderation or synthesis. A savvy prepper will pack items that will furnish what he needs immediately and easily as well as equipment to help him create or find what he needs. This approach will help you prepare against the most situations you might encounter afield in a post-disaster scenario and also help you keep weight and bulk of your BOB to a minimum.

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