Massive Cover Up: Why BLM Wants the Hammond Ranch Land

uraniumSo what’s REALLY behind the stand off between the Feds and militia at the Hammond Ranch?

Would you believe that the Clintons are pulling the strings that’s the real reason why the government wants to control this land at all costs?

Check out this report of the massive cover up of the BLM lease of the Hammond Ranch:

The Hammond Ranch controversy continues to sink into a rabbit hole without end. Evidence has surfaced that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been taking land with plans to lease it to Clinton Foundation donors.

Russia gradually gained control of Uranium One, a major mining company, in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State. Canadian records reveal that the company’s chairman used his own family foundation to make four donations to the Clinton Foundation during that time, resulting in a sum contribution of $2.35 million. Secretary Clinton approved the deal for Russia soon after her family’s slush fund received the donations. Now, Vladimir Putin controls 20 percent of all uranium production capacity in the U.S.

These contribution were not made known to the public by the Clintons, even though Hillary Clinton made a deal with President Obama to disclose all the donors. Other individuals associated with the company made donations too.

Furthermore, after Russia declared that it was taking over Uranium One, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank, which promoted Uranium One stock.

Isn’t it nice to know that the treasonous Clintons were at least well compensated for helping the Russians gain access to uranium on land the government of the United States owns?

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    If one asks the question, “WHY did the BLM start a Land Consolidation Program in 2010?” {after hellacious clinton returned from China in 2009},

    and follow the timeline of the Hammond’s intensified persecution beginning in June of 2010, an enquiring mind might start to wonder…

    Were the Hammonds’ targeted as a test case in Oregon ?

    The following timeline of events merging in 2010 (the indictment against the Hammond’s was June 2010 ) gives one pause to wonder…

    Sources and links have been incorporated into the article: if the reader questions the source, an easy google search will verify other

    sources/links that report the same data. Here goes, it’s long, but if you read it all, you might wonder….

    Were the Hammonds’ targeted as a federal test case for BLM’s 2010 Land Agenda?


    In August of 1994, when BLM and FWS falsely arrested Dwight and Steve Hammond for protecting their legally owned water rights,

    Mr. Hammond did not counter sue for damages and false arrest. He went back to ranching

    Interim actions of BLM from 1994 to 2006 included arbitrary revocation of 3 (three) separate grazing rights held by Hammonds.

    In August of 2006 BLM Ranger Orr and FWS had Sheriff Dave Glerup arrest Dwight and Steve Hammond.
    The local county prosecutor reviewed all charges and declined to prosecute.
    District Attorney Tim Colahan dismissed all 2006 charges after reviewing them, and allowed the charges to move into statutory expiration.

    In June of 2010, acting preemptively before the statue of limitations expired from the 2006 dismissal by District Attorney Tim Colahan,
    BLM re-filed ,adding on an additional 17 counts.
    Indictment United States v. Hammond et al, No. 6:10-cr-60066-HO filed 2010-06-17 chief Judge Ann L. Aiken

    This is where one could say, after they knew Amanda Marshall was going to end up being their prosecuting attorney:

    After all, four (4) different US Attorney’s for the state of Oregon in less than 16 months
    is nothing short of ludicrous. One could also say the three preceding US Oregon State Attorney’s refused to prosecute
    the Hammonds’, and that is why they didn’t get to keep the position.

    [It is imperative to remember the Hammond’s are the last private landholders in and around Mahler Refuge].

    Let’s take a look at the timelines involved for Ms.(Sally) Amanda Marshall appearing on the scene in 2010.

    From October 2003 to July 2009, Karen Immergut was the U.S. Attorney for Oregon: she resigned

    From July 2009 to Feb.3, 2010, Kent Robinson was the interim U.S. Attorney for Oregon. After 7 short months, he was replaced.

    From Feb. 5, 2010 to ________, Dwight C, Holton was the interim U.S. Attorney for Oregon

    Nov. 17, 2010 Obama nominates Amanda Marshall as U.S. Attorney for Oregon

    How did S. Amanda Marshall, a sub-par attorney in the child advocacy section, with no federal prosecution experience, get to U.S. Attorney for Oregon?

    The ten (10) candidates that applied for the position were:

    1. Dwight Holton – Oregon interim U.S. Attorney from Feb.5, 2010
    (until Amanda Marshall).
    Known for his tough prosecution of environmental crimes
    Endorsed by Oregon Sheriff’s and Oregon’s State Police Officer’s Association.

    2. Kent Robinson – Oregon interim U.S. Attorney from July 2009 to Feb.3, 2010. Thirty years experience in the Justice Dept.

    3. Josh Marquis – Clatsop County district attorney

    4. John Foote – Clackamas County district attorney

    5. Rob Bovett – Lincoln County district attorney

    6. John Haroldson – Benton County district attorney

    7. Ken Perry – Portland lawyer

    8. Robert Hutchings – Lane County public defender

    9. John Hummel – Portland lawyer

    10. Amanda Marshall – child advocate lawyer. Attended East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai.

    By October 28, 2009, three applicants remained on the list: Josh Marquis, Kent Robinson, and Amanda Marshall.

    Kent Robinson withdrew his application for unnamed reasons, and the final list submitted to the White House included only Josh Marquis and S. Amanda Marshall.

    Amanda Marshall…”may as well have had an inappropriate working relationship with Judge Aiken that should have potentially led to Judge Aiken to recuse herself from the Hammond re-sentencing.

    Prior to being nominated by President Barack Obama as U.S. District Attorney Amanda Marshall worked for the Oregon Department of Justice in Child Advocacy Services. Judge Aiken has been the presiding President of the Child Advocacy Services Board since 1998.

    Take into account that the only testimony used to establish “malicious intent” on part of the Hammonds derived from Dusty Hammond,
    Dwight Hammond’s grandson, a mentally incompetent 13 year old whose case has been overseen by Child Advocacy Services and
    the potential for wrongful collusion begins to crystallize.
    Initially in the trial Dusty Hammonds testimony was disqualified by Judge Mike Hogan due to his mental capacity.
    Despite this Dusty Hammonds testimony is assumed to have been used by Judge Aiken in determining malicious intent
    by the Hammonds to qualify them under the terrorism statute for re-sentencing.”

    “This is not the first instance of Judge Aiken potentially failing to acknowledge inappropriate relationships when presiding over a case.

    In a 2013 complaint of Judicial Misconduct filed against Judge Aiken, a class action by Oregon lawyers against the Oregon State Bar,
    the Supreme Court of Oregon Chief Justice Thomas Balmer and Jeff Sapiro, it is alleged Aiken failed to disclose similar relationships.

    It is clear that Judge Aiken has a vested interest, politically, judicially and personally in the Malhuer Reserve and in all likely hood
    should have not presided over this appeal,” considering her ties to the situation and the key individuals involved.”


    2010 was also a pivotal year for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Congressman Rob Bishop (Utah) discovered their plans in missing pages not submitted to Congress. Bishop is the chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources.
    ( Page 19 Attachment 6 Internal Draft NOT FOR RELEASE BLM LAND CONSOLIDATION OF ITS CHECKERBOARDED LANDS) Oregon, Nevada, Utah, California, ans Washington.

    The fact that these missing pages of BLM’s plans to consolidate all its’ checkerboarded lands were not submitted for approval to Congress cannot help but lend credence to their illegal activities and collusion with local authorities to acquire Hammonds’ ranch. Again: Hammonds’ are the last private landholders around Mahler Refuge.

    More Political Incest: Jake Klonoski is an Attorney Advisor in the Department of the Inspector General 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    In 1978 (judge) Ann Aiken married James Klonoski, and Jake Klonoski is their son.

    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is where Amanda Marshall submitted her appeal to send the Hammonds’ back to prison for more jail time.

    “In order to re-sentence the Hammonds as terrorists the United States Government had to file an appeal Under 18 U.S. Code 3742 (B).

    According to the code; “…The Government may not further prosecute such appeal without the personal approval of the Attorney General, the Inspector General,

    or a deputy inspector general designated by the Inspector General. The same Inspector General where Jake Klonoski is employed as a key Attorney Adviser.”

    Only 1% of the 5,000 odd appeals are ever picked to be heard in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    “Each year the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals receives upwards of 5,000 requests for a new hearing before all the court’s judges, said Kelly Zusman, appellate chief for the U.S. attorney’s office in Oregon. The judges only hear about 1 percent of those requests. “They grant very, very few,” she said.”

    “Judge Aiken was also the presiding Judge in a 2006 case that overturned several key provisions of the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act of 2000 which she found violated the supremacy of the Federal Environmental Protection Act.”
    “A management plan that the Hammonds were key in helping construct.”

    “It should be noticed that the Hammonds, as acknowledged by Congressman Walden, were instrumental in development

    of the co-operative plan.”

    Judge Aiken’s decision weighed heavily based on affidavit testimony by Harney County Judge Stephen Grasty,whose actions have come into question and extreme scrutiny since the occupation began.”

    Harney County ‘judge’ Stephen Grasty, has a brother that is a BLM supervisor.

    Steve Grasty is not a real ‘judge’ in the legal, judiciary sense. Harney County, Oregon has a strange system (yes, there are a lot of things
    in Harney County that are not normal) where the three elected country commissioners (of which Steve Grasty is one), refer to the third
    commissioner as ‘judge’. This is an administrative body, NOT judicial.

    The Real Judiciary system in Harney County, Oregon is called Harney County CIRCUIT Court.

    Harney County BLM Manager is Rhonda Karges, who is married to Chad Karges, the manager of Mahler Wildlife Refuge.

    The BLM expended no monies or efforts in putting out the 139 acres of fire they accused the Hammonds’ of deliberately setting.

    So why the $400,000 fine the Hammonds’ were forced to pay?

    The State of Oregon has its’ own wildfire insurance policy through Lloyd’s of London.

    So why the $400,000 fine the Hammonds’ were forced to pay?

    If the BLM and corrupt county officials that perjured themselves were not guilty of collusion in their agenda to obtain the last checkerboarded piece of land in and around Mahler Wildlife Refuge, why did they insist on being first in line to buy the Hammond’s ranch?

    There is more ‘evidence’: 12-31-2015 affidavit filed stating Assistant US Prosecutor Papagni called Kendra Matthews and Lawrence Matasar (Hammonds attorneys) and that Papagni told Hammonds’ attorney’s if the Hammond’s made any ‘fuss’, they would be reporting to a harder prison and at a much earlier report date. PDF court document

    Other information: No ‘fire arson’ experts were ever produced to testify against the Hammonds’. It was just BLM saying it was arson.

    No deer bones, or other evidence was ever produced by prosecution against the Hammonds’.

    (deer bones aren’t going to burn up in a simple grass fire)

    If the ‘hunting party’ allegedly witnessed this ( the hunting guide’s permit comes from BLM), it would seem odd

    why none of them popped out their cell phones, or camera’s to take pictures of such alleged crimes

    Note: Most people think Frank Papagni prosecuted the Hammond’s: but he was Assistant US Attorney for Oregon.

    , Amanda Marshall, State US Attorney for Oregon, was his boss.

    • Michael

      It’s not the government’s land to sell in the first place.

      • EXNFLFAN

        Correct! It belongs to “WE THE PEOPLE”, our Constitution says so!


    So Reid works as a go between and makes our law enforcement the fall guy and take the heat for what the Russkies paid the Clinton’s for…………………..Can we just put these treacherous bastards in the middle of the street and waste them?

    • David Kledzik

      Just like he did in Nevada over that standoff, all about corruption and money to these murdering crooks.

    • GR Arnold

      Very attractive idea, to be honest.

    • Rodney Steward

      To good for them, they should have the ISIS treatment, TOAST THEM in the cage!

  • James Mathis

    The muerderous sons of bitches are still at it. Why not? They’ve killed hundreds with impunity.

  • the family should get a real good constitutional lawyer, the Supreme court ruled that when you violate the constitutional rights of a citizen you can be sued and that the vale of immunity does not cover government employees who violate your constitutional rights!! I see a big law suit!!!

    • disqus_tpc8waQI76

      We need more than a lawsuit we need action

      • Jim Fridas

        we do, but can you imagine the shock on the faces of these bureaucrats when the lawyers say to the judge your honor my clients have the vale of immunity guaranteed to government employees and the judge says not so fast Mr Jawbone, the supreme court has ruled otherwise, prepare to defend yourself Mr bureaucrat!!

        • Jamie Hall

          It has a nice ring to it. But it would be even nicer if it would ring true, actually happen. If any judge/panel of judges should dare follow the law though, they’d likely follow in the “footsteps” of Scalia.

          So, how about it? Any of you judges out there up for a dirt nap? It’s for a good cause, you know.

    • Gary D Flatt

      The “Supeme Court” no longe, a rubber stamp against America ALL interests American. It’s the nail in the coffin of Liberty. With Scolia out the way.


      Let’s make it a class action, so we can all enjoy Clinton’s money!

      • Jim Fridas

        we need to have Killary indited then its over for these criminals!!!

  • Rodney Steward

    They’re wanting all the land out in that part of the country, and the EPA purposely populated that river to further more make the land unlivable. Our on Gov. is selling our land out from under us, illegally!! Greedy B-TARDS!

    • Ace Dragon

      they should have shot the blm and the feds. that would have put them in a corner all out revolution would have hapend just in that county.

      • Rodney Steward

        Do U realize how many Feds they had there, almost a hundred, and they were loaded for bear!! If this had been a black group, nothing would have been done at all!!

        • VN VET

          IMHO,Maybe if ALL of the neighbor’s, community and other rancher’s and etc. would have just armed themselves just like the Feds did and would have stuck together. It maybe would have turned out much differently. Remember when the body count is the same and the odds or more, then the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have a very strong tendency not to be so forward and neither are they so demanding. Just remember that “ALL law enforcement agencies ” want the odds in their favor, just like they usually want 50-75-110 to 1 odds in their favor at any time, because it is a show of force and intimidation that they ALWAYS want and to use and in their favor. Any one that has served in law enforcement and the military knows what I am talking about. If things are not in the law enforcements favor, you can always count on them to step back regroup and / or call for more reinforcements until the odds ARE in their favor.

          • Rodney Steward

            I think this murder was a pay back from the other standoff with the Bundy’s where the Feds backed off, BUT they were out numbered!! I do believe we will have a SHTF situation , and it is not going to end well for anyone! I hate to see it and I love my country and military, but our Gov. has gone crazy!! GREED has taken over!!!

          • MildBill

            . . . . . . I agree, but I also feel the FEDS have a step by step reasoning in which they progressively go down the list. . . The last resort, only because of unfavorable public opinion and maintaining the illusion of decency, is to use overwhelming force and all the laws of reason and decency go out the window in favor of intimidation and FEAR ! . . . . They want us to believe that no matter what, THEY WILL WIN ! . . . To prove them wrong we will have to escalate beyond even their capabilities to thwart us. . . . They’re banking on the assumption we won’t push back to that extent. . . I believe that if nothing happens in the Finicum MURDER, there may very well be repercussions. . . There SHOULD be repercussions. . . Murder of American citizens cannot go unnoticed or unabated, or THEY WIN !

          • Rodney Steward

            I totally agree, well put friend!

    • coolman11

      I think it’s time we changed the name to environment polluting agency seems to fit nowadays.

      • Rodney Steward

        It was just on the news about the murder of the Rancher in Oregon might have been another FBI cover up! The Feds missed a cell phone that one of them men had in the truck that showed the window blowing out right before they were to stop for the talk that was arranged! These man was MURDERED, they ask him to drop his weapon and as he was trying to pull it out to drop it, about 100 shots were fired!

        • coolman11

          I man was shot while disarming and assaulted first, where’s the outrage!,oh yeah he’s not black anyway I was reading comments on Yahoo news and everyone was saying they deserved it and the government should be able to take whatever land they want I thought, ok slaves I’m sure they got half they story of what actually happened.

          • Rodney Steward

            It’s crazy at how sick our country is becoming and how our kids are being brainwashed in the schools! Most don’t even know what the Constitution is!

          • Patriot1001

            A slew of reasons for each and every family to get out the vote and rid this nation of the vermin like the cliton cabal and reid. TRUMP 2016

          • Rodney Steward

            Amen friend, I feel like this could be the most important Presidential elections in our history! The last 7 years have been the worst we’ve ever had and we can’t mess this one up this time, or we’re finished!!!

          • Don

            If you do a bit of research around the internet you’ll find that there is ample evidence that the last time obama was elected the democrap party had thousands (or more) of illegal votes. The evidence is overwhelming. Democraps voted more than once, the dead voted, illegals voted etc. One county in Ohio had well over 100% of registered voters vote for obama AND no votes for Republicans. Can honest voting Americans hope for an honest election? At this stage it’s doubtful.

          • mthighpockets

            So true and where in the hell was the officials that should have done something about him stealing the election????

          • EXNFLFAN


          • David Kledzik

            A bunch of fucking zombies that need the government to wipe their ass and feed them. Totally useless.

          • Don
        • Don
  • gerald Hughes

    Had enougn of Reid, Pelosi and the Clintons?
    There is an easy way to put a stop to this,.

    • How?

      • gerald Hughes

        Think about it

        • Voting or violence and in 1776 our founding fathers found voting was not an option and with Obama breaking us apart from being a united people it looks like voting is not an option in 2016. Only time will tell.

  • coolman11

    At this point I don’t care if Hillary goes to jail where she belongs but could she just not be allowed to run for president, she’s so incompetent she thinks you wipe a server with a cloth I don’t think she should not be allowed to run the country, on top of her criminals behavior.

    • Rodney Steward

      And the trail of bodies that has been left by the Clinton’s! This is an EVIL bunch!!

      • coolman11

        You said it, I dream of the day, after all of the media pandering and their silence about her email scandal and fbi investigation while she campaigns, finally gets indicted and people start to question why the media lifted her up and protected her I can only hope people won’t be that stupid.

        • Rodney Steward

          They were with Obama!!!!!

          • VN VET

            and the Western media, National media and the local media’s are still in full swing about covering things up for ALL of them.

    • VN VET

      while I do agree with your comments, just remember this and remember it well when you step into the voting booth, the American citizens only know of about 1/16 of 1 % of what the Clintons have done or been involved in, okay? What about the other 99.9999999999999999999999 % of different things that the American citizens and voters do not know NOTHING about “mainly because of the Western media, the National media and the local media has not released, but are holding back for reasons only known by them and their staff’s ?

      • coolman11

        We’re pretty well informed but imagine what all we don’t know, what I would give to be a fly on the wall

  • American

    Oh so a bunch of stinking scumbag terrorists want the land and that is why that fascist scumbag Obama is doing what he is doing. Trash is what they are all are.

  • American

    Dirty Harry Reid is an enemy of the US, just like Obama.

  • Betty Hanner

    we can not trust the fbi or the dems or the presdent either we better hope mr. trump get the the presdent if not we are in for real trouble if crazy hiller get it she will try and get all of our gun and she will try to make slave out of the black again so be sure of who you vote for

    • wdcraftr

      Who says Trump will be the candidate to run against the Dems? I hope not, as he is a crooked, selfish, power hungry man.. Things will really get bad if he wins..

      • Betty Hanner

        mr .trump wont be in it for the money he dose not need it and we don’t a dem inthere they will just take up were obana leave off we have a dem presdent for the last four year and all he has done is is take our insurance and try to get our guns the country is a lot worse off

        • wdcraftr

          Yes, a republican is better, but Trump isn’t the only Repub. candidate available..

      • VN VET

        you are welcome to your opinion just like everyone else is.

  • wdcraftr

    I believe he means Land the People own, not the Govt.. The govt. only manages the land, they do Not Own it..

  • myfordtruck

    Nothing is surprising about the clintons and what they do for money maybe that’s the reason putin don,t want trump in office

  • 094870

    The BLM has NO Constitustutional right to take their land. Check out the videos on this ladies site. “Publics Huldah” and get educated about the Constitution. Watch , listen and learn. Then pass it on.

    • It’s not the Bundy’s personnel land? It’s not the BLM’s land either. It’s all our federal lands, that belongs to all American’s equitably?

  • elephant4life

    Well, call me naive or whatever, but I’m not certain I see how any deal made by Madame Secretary which was in violation of U.S. law would be binding. Hopefully our next president will take steps to invalidate all of her corrupt deals, exercise some civil forfeiture on the personal and foundation assets of the Clintons (to pay restitution), and take back every damned resource that hag sold to our frenemies.

    • VN VET

      even though I do agree with your, comments, IMHO, all I think will ever come of your comments is “WISHFUL THINKING” especially after all of the other and even more serious accusations toward both Bill and Hillary and they both walked way and nothing has happen to either one of them so far, correct ? So why does anyone even waste their time, thinking that time will be any different ? Ever wonder just how many politicians in Washington DC and ALL around the country, plus ALL of these different BIG backers and supporters, does the Clintons have wrapped around their finger ? IMHO, i DO NOT find it strange or even just a coincidence, because there is a lot more out there, than any American citizen or voter will ever know, because of so many different things having been covered up and / or sweep under the rug. When it comes to the Clinton’s, I do not believe that even the tip of the iceberg has not been scraped, little lone been uncovered.

  • dangerouspatriot

    May as well keep the corrupt and illegal administration going by electing killiary clintin. Would you vote for this piece of crap??? L&L

  • loony1975


    • VN VET

      Just like they used to say in the military,” F’K ” with yours not mine, i do not want to catch any type of a desease and besides I can not afford time off..

      • loony1975


  • Dan Colley

    I will never understand why people are so surprised at the shenannigans that the Clinton’s pull. They are not trustworthy and they do not have the best interest of the USA anywhere in their agenda. I sincerely hope that Hillary catches the full brunt of Federal enforcement activity over her actions surrounding the death of our Ambassador and the military personnel who also lost their lives guarding him. She is a national embarrasment and should be in prison and not running for POTUS. Sadly, she stands a good chance of winning because the Rebublicans are too STUPID to get behind a candidate and get the libs out of office. They are the enemy, not one another. What idiots we have running this country.

  • william g munson

    Wonder if the Irs will do anything about the not reporting these deals What

    • VN VET


  • I can thoroughly prima facie prove… the Bundy’ family are in fact CIA controlled opposition council for national policy war criminals… Lets see how long the; honest to God truth stays here on this site? picture #21,502

  • Why is it; every single candidate for U.S. president is a verifiable war
    criminal thug? Some of the big names have roots with Hitler too? It’s
    valid question…… that needs to be answered?

  • Donna Lampkin

    Again, nothing will be done about the thieving Clintons

    • Why because you say so?

      • VN VET

        NO, JUST BASING it all on past history, Can you personally remember, state or even show proof where ANYTHING has ever happened to the Clinton’s, just once ? Especially ALL that they have been accused of over the years, even before the famous “WHITE WATER” ? That is why I am agreeing with Donna, and her comments.

    • VN VET


  • The Fox

    Sounds just like the speaker of the house Reid wanted land in Nevada for personal gain, those in office are as bad as the criminals on the street only they have the force of government forces behind them

  • ADRoberts

    Do you suppose the Republican nominee will use this information during campaigning. Or with they pull a “Romney” and not say a word about how bad the Democrats treason really is?

    • MildBill

      . . . .If the nominee is Trump there’s a 50/50 chance if the info is verifiable. . . If it is any other candidate the chances are “Zero”, “ZIP”, “Nada” ! . . . . . . It might be best if Bernie broke the ice !

      • ADRoberts

        I am sorry but history and the record of these men proves you wrong.
        Trump gets along with liberals very well. He brags about it. He gives them money to support their liberal, socialistic agenda. And then pretends he only did it as a bribe. No. He will not call it a bribe. To him, it is greasing the wheels of business. But what is in a name? Deception? Not at all. We all know it is a bribe. And you think he will have principals about defending America against the ONE WORLD ORDER guys? Not a chance.
        He is a “DEAL” maker. And compromise is his middle name
        Cruz WILL attack the evil Communist/Democrat party with everything it takes to win. And since most of Americans hate what Obama has done, and what cover the media has given him by calling all who oppose his actions racist, they KNOW that the Democrats are not likely to win. And that is why they sent Trump over to hijack the Republican nomination.

        • MildBill

          Yeah, I was a Cruz supporter too. . . Some learn hard.

          • ADRoberts

            The few who will actually lay out their complaints against Cruz have found that everyone of them is bogus, or questionable.
            So I will ask you the same thing. What has he done that was so wrong.
            I know. He is:
            1. Smart
            2. Real conservative.
            3. Actually fought against Democrats and RINOs.
            4. Refuses to compromise, which makes the RINOs and other REpublicans VERY ANGRY.
            5. Principaled and refuses to compromise.
            Now I bet you believe that stuff about him being owned by Sachs. Yet there is NO PROOF. Just accusations.
            Or the one about his not reporting a loan. But he did report it one place but missed reporting it another bureaucratic place
            How about his supposed support for amnesty. He was going to agree to vote for the Bill of the Gang of 8 but only if they included his 38 word amendment that denied all those illegals citizenship EVER. And a lot of Republicans who had thought about voting with the GANG liked the idea. The Democrats did not. DEAD DEAL. And that was Ted’s plan. A poison pill.
            What else have you got? That Heidi worked for Sachs? Not a deal to me. Prove that it was a real problem. How about her membership in CFR. Not a good deal. But she resigned.

          • MildBill

            Well, I don’t know exactly where the animus came from, but I will address it from my point of view if you don’t mind. . . Cruz was my first pick, got that ? . . . I don’t like some of the underhanded things Cruz has pulled in his campaign regarding Rubio and Trump, not that they haven’t had their own faults, but it also removes Cruz from “White Knight” status. . . . I have seen the conniving side of lawyerism and Cruz has demonstrated, at least to me, to be a bit of a conniver, a sneak. . . You appear to have rationalized in your mind that he is smart, and possibly the “Great Debater” that he has been professed to be. . . I’ve watched every debate, some more than once, and I don’t think he is a “Great Debater” at all. . . The second illusion is that he is smart. . . Again, he doesn’t steer the conversation with wit nor wisdom, but appears to have a very rehearsed monologue to which he monotonously refers to. . . Again, these are weaknesses in his game that I was saddened to have revealed to me. . . . NBC ? . . .Regardless of what you or I think, there remains the eligibility question for Cruz and Rubio. . . . I have researched this and come to the conclusion that BOTH are qualified under the extremely muddled and lax qualification standards, but has the rest of America reached the same conclusion ? . . Is this the Dems ace in the hole ? . . . To reiterate, I could vote, make that WOULD VOTE for Cruz if he were the Republican nominee, but I believe a absolute shake-up is way past due in this country. . . I don’t believe we have even a two party system anymore. . . The Globalists, NWO, or whatever tag you wish to apply are gaining control and increasing their leverage on us daily. . . See, here’s the thing, the RNC play-alongs, RINO’s, NWO, past failed contenders, failed contemporaries, and in general THE BIG BUX PLAYERS all have one thing in common: THEY DON’T LIKE DONALD TRUMP ! . . . WHY ? . . . The RNC was given a mandate by We The People and they whiffed. . . .For nearly 7-1/2 years they have whiffed ! . . .and you want to keep using the same bat ? . . . NOT ME ! . . I have had enough of the “Hope & Change”, the “Give Us A Shot Do Nothing RNC” and just about anyone and everyone that has ever set foot in Washington, D.C. . . . I think Trump has enough chutzpah, ego, and a true love of America to be very beneficial to America at this time. . . I think he is determined to surround himself with the finest people, listen to them and with his proclivity to apply critical thinking, may just be able to right the ship. . . . Look, it’s the bottom of the 9th, we’re down by one, we’re one out away from losing. . . . Do you want a singles hitter who may inch you up the line, or do you send in the bombastic Bambino Babe Ruth and watch him point waaay out to left field, tap his cleats and step up to the plate in a very intimidating manner ? . . . I’m sure at this point you will dismiss my reasoning, and there is quite a bit more of it, but the confines of a blog site does not lend itself to lengthy conversation. . . . My gut feel is that America will be pleasantly surprised with what Donald Trump might accomplish, whereas I think Cruz would be put in a box without a clue as to how to get out of it. . . . . Well, before War and Peace is relegated to “2nd longest” book, just keep this thought: . . Who do you see getting the job done when they call out “Batter Up !”

          • ADRoberts

            A piece at a time. I am not the only one who says that Cruz is smart. I have the article by a reported liberal Robert Reich where he said so. And I have printed out the article from Clash Daily, titled “From the Left: 5 reasons Ted Cruz is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump”.
            The next thing you did was quote or claim to have heard something against Cruz on NBC. Wow. And you think that is is true. I have only watched one debate. And what I saw, it was a free for all with Cruz at least trying to be civilized.

          • MildBill

            . . . . Well, Thank You for the reply ! . . I listen, I learn, and from past experience I don’t judge you as inarticulate or generally biased, at least not a “diametrically opposed bias” to that of my own. . . I am a Christian 24/7. . . But even the Lord said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s . . . .. ” i.e. there’s a time and a place for all . . . Not in the ordinary sense of separation of church and state do I form my opinions, but from a practical vantage point. . . Trump is NOT my ideal candidate, nor is Cruz. . . In reality Ben Carson may be the best of the breed, except for one politically fatal shortcoming, LOW ENERGY or the perception of it due to his “all too calm” demeanor. . . I find it best not to be closed minded, not that you are, but “when life deals you lemons . . . . ” . . . So, my options are still open, and they may change, but my gut tells me Trump is the man for this particular occasion, yes, with a few reservations and lots of hope, btw NOT FAITH, for as the Bible tells us to not place faith in ANY man, but only in The Lord, that is exactly as I will do. . . .Truth be known, if the RNC has their way, you and I may have to hold our noses and pull the lever for Jebber Jabber Bush. . . . At this time I feel the country will die a quick death if a Republican of ANY stripe is not elected firstly, but that Republican also has to have the tools to forge ahead in a new direction. . . If you had noticed ALL of the other candidates followed suit on subjects that Trump first breeched, including the wall, “CHRISTIAN RETURN TO STATUS”. . . ALL the others put a finger to the air and waited to see which way the wind was blowing. . . If I want a new weather vane, I’ll buy one not elect it. . . I hope I don’t sound condescending, as you and I both know that only serves to bolster one’s beliefs, whether right or wrong. . . I’m not even sure there is a right or wrong evaluation, just different. . . . If I were seeking a new Minister, it’d be Carson, Cruz and Huckabee of the lot of them. . . BUT, we’re not seeking to be ministered to, we are seeking a President. . . On that note, Huckabee is a good man, but crying over spilled milk blinds our eyes to where we should be looking anew, does it not ? . . . America needs a great Christian President with all of the attributes of a savvy businessman as what is our country but a big business ? . .Trump didn’t skirt any laws, but applied them to his advantage. . .Some call that shrewd . . .. I think the business end of the stick has to take priority, sad but true, and leave the spirituality to us Christians to maintain for ourselves until circumstance is in a better light to regain the upper hand on our evil, treacherous ways as a nation. . . I have been given to considerable thought on the subject, and came to my conclusion with heavy heart. . . I do not forsake my religion though it may seem to some. . .. I think it is a one-step-at-a-time process with a needed penchant for the executive prowess that will start the ball rolling in the right direction. . . As people do well in a better economic situation, perhaps they will take time to appreciate renewed well-being. . . As we fear having a depleted Armed Forces less and less as we see them strengthened, perhaps people will address other concerns. . . . .As we see the fence going up perhaps we can concentrate more on the salvation of our people from within these borders. . . Trump says he will stop all the bias against Christians in America, and I believe he will give it a go, AND he was the first to do so. . . There are many things Trump can bring to the table and it seems to me the good far outweigh the bad. . . So while I pray for the Salvation of our nation I also pray for the financial stability of our people and I feel Trump better fits the requirement than Cruz. . . . My ideal pick of the lot would be a 2016 Trump/Cruz ticket, followed by a 2024 Cruz/Carson ticket. . . . In any event, I sure hope you are not the vengeful sort that WILL NOT vote for Trump if he is the only candidate and nominee to face off against what is surely the most evil duo ever in the history of this country. . . . Sorry if my meandering prose is not to your liking, but if you look closely at the thought progression you may better understand that I only want what is best for our country at this time, and that NO president should EVER say that America is NOT a Christian nation EVER AGAIN and remain in office as POTUS ! . . . . EVER !

          • ADRoberts

            Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
            Hebrews 11:1. And with Trump that is all you have. There is NO other evidence or substance. That is why I called it “faith”.
            I am so disappointed that you will separate government from righteous living. You seem to thing that business must be with ethics and without principals. So Trump does some little thing for people who help him. But when it comes to being fair with a businessman who did business with him, they can take a beating and he does not care. It is business and he will use bankruptcy to his advantage and get richer. And as someone told me, the creditor who lost will write it off of his taxes, so WE taxpayers have to end up paying for Trump getting richer. And you thing that is a good thing?

          • MildBill

            . . . . . . Suffice it to say there are many drivers involved in the success of a country. . . The economic engine is required to be in good operating condition to afford the other aspects to flourish. . . . With that in mind, first and foremost is the survival of our economy. . . Secondly is military strength, as in this troubled world run by lunatics such as North Korea’s tyrant with the “pet shop haircut” or Putin with his Napoleon complex, we have to have a strong deterrent to these aggressors. . . These factors, when in good operating condition, CAN generate the impetus for a revival of national spirit and a nurturing atmosphere where religious beliefs can flourish. . . You can’t legislate morality and this must be accomplished through education “in the proper disciplines” from a education process that nurtures a love of God and the rebuking of the sinful road that America has headed down. . . The first two steps are the easiest. . . . The moral aspect is a bit trickier for those not given to a good moral upbringing or having “moralistic” type thought ever before. . . . We are collectively a product of our environment and must seek to change that environment to reflect the values we know to be proper ones, successful ones. . . . We will never achieve this fertile ground where “ethics” and “morality” can have their seeds planted without first cultivating and nurturing the circumstances in which they can thrive. . . . I’m a bit of a “McGiver”, as I have throughout my life had to make silk purses from sows ears and the like. . . .I have had to address and readdress what is truly JOB ONE. . . .Without defining and perhaps redefining what job one truly is, we are like a ship with no rudder, a train track, if you will, with no switchovers. . . We are in a bullet train on a unchangeable track to nowhere from what I see. . . .We need a GPS (economic driver} to hone in on a general destination for our country followed by a homing device to get us to the “moral destination” we all desire for America. . . . I feel that Trump can fuel the economic engine best and rebuild our military at least as well, and thwart the persecution of Christians in America as well as any. . . When we have these things accomplished, the rest is up to us. . . Our salvation as a nation is a collective effort by individuals who cannot be controlled, but perhaps in the right environment can be persuaded. . . I’ve said my piece and can only defer to Matthew 10:14 at this point. . . Have a good day, and may God be with all of us.

          • ADRoberts

            There is just one driver in a really successful country. And that is their God, Jehovah and His Son, Jesus Christ. If you have not looked at the history books lately there was never a nation like America. It was blessed by God from the start. And now, as they reject Him, their fall will be just as great.

          • MildBill

            . . . . . . . and I agree, that is why I’m trying to help America get back to God any way I can and by reconfiguring the political environment and social environment, we may be able to effect the change we desire. . . I think we agree on more than perhaps we disagree and the effect we both wish for is one and the same.

          • ADRoberts

            ONLY one thing brings God back into play for us. II Chronicles 7:14. All other efforts will fail. If you know any Bible, you should be familiar with the story of Gideon. He was afraid. The army he faced was huge and was known for winning. God told him that he had to get rid of a bunch of his “resources” WHY? Because when God gave the victory, in their arrogance they would have claimed that it was because of THEIR abilities and prowess.
            And that first effort was not enough. Too many soldiers still left. So he got rid of more. Finally down to JUST THREE HUNDRED, God gave him his instructions. And the battle was won.
            You want to win? Get on your knees and pray as if you are about to DIE. Because you are. A spiritual death comes when you are sure that you can figure out a solution and you really don’t need God.
            I am being harsh. But I truly believe that you can make a difference. But not in YOUR abilities and skills.
            There is an old song that we used to sing. “Not to the strong is the battle, nor to the swift is the race. But to the true and the faithful, victory is promised through GRACE.”
            I hope you GET IT.

          • MildBill

            . . . . . and we were playing so nicely ? . . I’ll leave you with this, that even the uneducable such as me have taken to heart: . . . “You will not know the day nor the hour, not even the Angels in Heaven shall know, only My Father knows !” . . I have my bags packed and waiting. . . Now all I need to know is who’s making the journey with me when the time truly is upon us. . . I’ll be sure and pack my library of Hot Rod and Mad Magazines for the journey !

          • ADRoberts

            I guess you are trying to be funny.
            “Lay not up for yourself, treasures on earth. ”
            What I was trying to tell you is that those who can expect to go to be with Jesus will those who are A NEW CREATURE. If a person is still hanging on to the things of this world, like the Hot Rod magazines and has not been transformed to have a mind focused on Jesus, they are NOT one of His.
            Consider the parable of the sower. Seed were cast on the ground. Lots of people hear the gospel. Some even receive it and spring up with joy. But “weeds” choke out their spiritual lives. And others do not have any roots and DIE.spiritually.
            And in the parable of the Ten Virgins only five lasted the night. They kept focused on the things of God.

          • ADRoberts

            You are right. You can’t legislate morality. But you are wrong to think that education will bring it about either. The French are very well educated and are some of the most immoral people in the world. They are proud of it. We are not collectively anything. And it has nothing to do with education. It is all about the relationship between God and those who claim to be serving Him. And when they obey II Chronicles 7:14, which apparently you have never read, then God has the option to save the nation as he did in the days of Israel.
            There have been many great awakenings in America. I bet you have never heard of them. Edwin Orr is one of the only people I know of who recounted what happened and how them came about. The last one started in 1903 and the one before that started in 1858. They had been on a cycle of every fifty years. And one almost started in 1953 somewhere in Europe. But something happened.
            Now we are in the last period of the church as delineated in Revelation. We are the Church of Laodicea. Note that that church is unable to get excited about serving God. They are afraid of making people they deal with angry or upset. So they say and do just about nothing.
            ANd you can read what God says he will do with them.

          • ADRoberts

            Then you dance around and finally get to “economic driver” whatever that is. It sounds like you are describing a secular approach to trying to be moral and ethical. And without the fear of God, it is not possible. No way.
            At the core of each person is a desire to be IN CONTROL. It is the selfishness that was born into us. And until God changes our hearts there in nothing that will change a person. Even those who do “good deeds” do so with the desire for the sensation they get from the acts. It is still about “ME”
            So you have decided that a man who is totally self centered, who uses bankruptcy to get more, who brags about his affairs with married women, who was a very liberal man not that long ago is gointg to suddenly do something that will make our nation turn back to morality and stop being selfish and taking and taking until we are bankrupt. LOL.
            ‘Our salvation is and always has been in the hands of God. To think any other way is secular and NOT being a Christian
            So the question for you is simple. DO YOU TRUST GOD?
            From your answer, you do not. You are casting about, looking for a person to save us.
            Please. If you have any desire to increase your faith and get closer to God, get a copy of ANY of Edwin Orr’s books and see what God has done and what he can do. This is NOT about us. It IS about whether he is God or not.

          • ADRoberts

            My computer locked up and then kicked me off. When I came back, I gave the rest of my response to someone else. I bet he is really perplexed.
            Salvation will not come from a man. Especially a wicked, arrogant, selfish man who has made so many changes to appear to be what he is not: a conservative.
            And we have seen his lies.
            He thinks that he can claim to be against abortion ans still give to PP.
            He thinks he can claim that he will build a wall. But then, it is reported that he told the MYTimes editorial staff that that is just a negtiating tool
            He wants national healthcare, until someone reminds him that most conservatives hate Obamacare.
            Is he talking about reducing the size of government? Not that I have heard.
            Cruz is the one talking about abolishing the IRS and going with flat or fair tax. Not Trump.
            Face it. So much of what Clinton and Sanders want, Trump wants too.

          • MildBill

            . . . . . I hate when that happens, and it did in a similar scenario just two days ago. . .I can’t even delete my scathing comment to the person it was addressed, as it will not let me. . . My laptop jumped articles on me, and my comment ironically is partly on target and the rest is the banter of a madman. . . I even fired up two other computers and it seems it’s a site problem, not a computer glitch. . . Oh well !
            . . . . . I never said, nor do I believe or perpetuate the myth that salvation may come from Trump or any other man. . .I have no idea how you conflated the two ?
            . . . . . I agree on the PP, but I think it is out of ignorance and his being a political neophyte that he thinks he needs to first “do no harm” as a political candidate.
            . . . . I have heard the “conversation” aboard the plane with the reporter, although it has been apparently pulled down, and it was unbelievably innocuous. . . The comment was made in reply to “is there room for negotiation on the wall ?” to which he replied [sure, there’s room for negotiation in most everything—-if they said 20′ is too expensive or it really needs to be 22′, then let’s talk, lets come to an arrangement that works] . . This is not a direct quote, as I’m going from memory, but it parallels the conversation closely and I think it was a bit of a ploy on someone’s behalf to cast dispersion on Trump, or perhaps to generate concern to later be abated and put Trump in a GOOD light. . . .Who knows !
            OK, the “new” Dell laptop is locking up again ironically, so I’ll stop here as Task Manager has no answer for this problem. . . I had more, but as they say, “Sometimes less is more !”
            . . . . .Healthcare ? . . . He says he wants to have participants be able to go across state lines to get the best deal. . . “Let the insurance companies bid for our business like everybody else does, except of course government contractors, and we have to fix that too . . . . . !”
            . . . . .Gob’mint size ? . . . YES, he has talked of the reduction of the size of government. . . Don’t know how you missed that one ?
            . . . ..Methinks you have many misconceptions of what Trump is all about. . . Don’t get me wrong, I have reservations about ALL of the candidates, as well we should, but I feel Trump is the man of the hour, if not of the day !
            . . . . .For your own edification perhaps it would be a good idea if you actually WATCHED the debates, listened to the candidates, judged for yourself what is implied and what seems to be etched in granite. . . . We are a people given to “sound bytes” and things are taken out of context more often than not. . . It’s a tool employed all too frequently, no, make that CONSTANTLY ! . . . People seem to have lost the proclivity for deep, sustained thought anymore. . . It’s as if America has been afflicted with ADHD ! . . . One thing for sure is that the media has been doing a grave disservice to the American public and I’m sure you know that as well as I do. . . . It makes it hard for a dedicated individual to sift through it all to glean a bit of truth and certainly a pearl o’wisdom from ANY source. . . We have decided, as a people, that it is far more expedient to “create our own truths”, and hold to them blindly, than it is to seek out the real truths. . . Truth is truth and anything else is nothing but wishful thinking on our behalves to satisfy our own differing purposes. . . . We all do it as it’s far too easy to gather little bits of information from the sound bytes we are bombarded with, whether it is from the news, tv ads, peer groups, church, or the wacky neighbor (yes, I have one of those !}.

          • MildBill

            . . . . .It seems I can’t even edit in a finish to my statement. . . The new Dell is locked up again as I had referred to before. . . Now I am relegated to replying to myself to continue. . . Hopefully the adage of “Less is more !” applies here !

          • ADRoberts

            You excuse Trump with a claim of ignorance about PP or being a neophyte. That simply will not wash for a candidate for POTUS. Not excusable.
            2. Many are not so locked in on Trump that they have become irrational and make all kinds of accusations to those who are against Trump. Much like he defense a Christian has of Jesus. Thence, the accusation of Trump being a messiah, how ever undeserved you may think that is.
            3. The report of the “wall” comment was not supposed to have occurred on a plane but in a room of the NY Times with their editorial staff and was suppose to be kept secret. But since the NYT is a very liberal paper, it was natural for them to broadcast it.

          • ADRoberts

            4. The statement on healthcare is a back down and a good idea MAYBE about crossing state lines. Except that it is probably a STATE ISSUE and the Fed should GET OUT. And his support for universal care was before he announced his run. He back off on that too, when someone reminded him of how much America hated Obamacare and how much damage it had done Like cutting back millions of workers to 29 hours of work a week.
            5. Strange. I have not heard a single comment about him wanting to reduce government. Of course, I go out of my way NOT t listen to him. ANd what I hear on the media has not shown a SINGLE incident of him saying that. And you would think that the liberal media would have kept that front and center.
            6. I have no misconception of what Trump is. He was a radical liberal on all counts up until 2012. And now he has a lot of rhetoric to claim that he is a conservative. Even his actions on his companies that he has taken overseas indicates that he is NOT for America or Americans. If he had changed his mind. If he were really going to provide all those jobs for Americans, he would already be in he process of bring those companies back to America.
            Trump is still for Trump.

          • ADRoberts

            7. I watched one entire debate. I don’t know which one. But it was one of the more civil ones. And still they insisted on talking over each other. And you could catch the lies about when they did not support amnesty and when the other one did. Now hear this. I look at the record. If you are determined to HEAR what they say, you are going to be lied to and deceived.
            Look at the record. Then you won’t have to worry about SOUND BYTES.
            The record is clear. One person who has worked at keeping his promise to the people of Texas and NOT giving in to the agenda of the Democrats and RINOs. And he is hated for that.

          • ADRoberts

            By the way, Cruz did not, as far as I can remember follow Trump in his rantings. He now says that he will defend Christians around the world. Did you get any particulars? No. That is because he is not really going to do anything. It SOUNDS good. And he says what sounds goo.
            Sorry to tell you. But if Jesus is not LORD of all, then He is NOT LORD AT ALL. Your religion is obviously NOT the most important thing in your life. And that is just exactly what the Church of Laodicea was. You see, the gift of salvation SHOULD be monumental in a person’s life. The magnitude of the sacrifice. Having been in the presence of God, which is more by far than we can imagine, and then leaving and dying and going in to hell to preach the gospel to those who had died before. Not being in the presence of God for that time is more than can be imagined.
            And then dying, when He had no sin and did not deserve to die and would NOT have ever died. And you decide that it is more important to get a shrewd crafty, “businessman” to lead. How is thata going to work out with Putin, the atheist? I know. Trump will COMPROMISE, because he is the master ot the “deal”.
            When you leave choosing a godly man in favor of a wicked worldly crafty, unethical man, you have voted in a far bigger “election”.

          • ADRoberts

            Now as to people turning around from the sin and bad choices, I fear that you have it wrong. In the past, it was in times of trouble that they turned back to God. Where do they turn now? To the government.
            Now a point of history. Look at Hurricane Sandy. So many things had to go just right for that hurricane to hit Washington DC and yankee land.
            Late in the season, 2. Bermuda blocking high was missing. 3. Warm Gulf Stream caused it to continue to build. It was late for the Gulf Stream to be that warm. 4. Blocking high WAS over Labrador and stopped the storm from going on Northest. 5. A major front united with a low pressure and caused the storm to turn LEFT right at the Potomac and travel straight inland, hitting Washington DC.
            There are not such things as coincidence. This WAS the hand of God. Look it up.

          • ADRoberts

            I will not pray for the salvation of this nation. And I can tell you. I have prayed in the past and at least FIVE miracles have occurred. I could give you the details so that you would understand. But I would be accused of bragging about what God did. In stead, I will be praying for God’s will to be done. You see, Death is not our enemy. And for God to have His way is the BEST thing that can happen to this nation Many Christians will suffer. Many already are suffering around the world because Obama refuses to act on their behalf.
            I just reread my previous post in response to your present post and found many typos. Sorry. Hope you can figure out the mistakes.
            You have come to a human conclusion that primarily does not include God’s intervention. That is what I have pressing for each time I mention
            II Chronicles 7:14. IF there is a chance for this nation, it is IF we turn to God. And IF you should happen to want to know what has happened in the Great Awakenings of the past then find one of Edwin Orr’s books. They can be found but are rare. And they will tell you what it took each and every time that our nation turned back to God.
            There is no other hope. The forces of evil have taken over. They are secular men who are so rich that there is no long a desire for money. They want power over the world. And that is why they are working at bringing about a collapse of the world economy. It will only be in THAT situation that all people will come to them and beg them to take away our freedoms and rights in exchange for a little food and a little ORDER.
            And that is what they have planned. And that is what God is allowing.
            He is still Lord. But we have, as a people rejected His Lordship.

            Now a vital question.
            1. Do you live in John 14:12. You can. And I can tell you how.
            2. Do you want God’s will in your life more than anything else? If not, you are not His servant. And He is not your GOD.

          • ADRoberts

            The eligibility is done. You can either take it to the SCOTUS or acknowledge that EVERY STATE has placed him on the ballot. The court will not touch this because if they do, they will have to remove Obama from office. Not going to happen.
            But you betray your prejudice by NOT acknowledging what I have just said and accepting that it is no longer a valid point.

          • ADRoberts

            Now get this. The elite are not dumb. They are aware that all of America is sick of the status quo. So if they want to continue to have one of their men in control, it is likely that they KNOW that whoever they OPPOSE will be supported by a great many people.
            I just saw that SQUIRREL, Lindsey Graham endorse Cruz. And I kept wondering why. And the ONLY answer I could come up with is that he know by now that he is disliked by a a great number of people;

            You have heard the saying. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well the reverse is also true. The friend of my enemy is also my enemy.

            For a short time 13 Senators were reported to have come out in support of Trump. Then the story went away, without a mention. And all of a sudden, they Establishmnt came out against Trump. Most Americans did not catch that. I did.

          • ADRoberts

            I have read what you say about Trump. A lot of “I believe” and “I think he will” “determined to surround himself with the finest people”
            I comes down to you have FAITH in him. But I challenge you to look to see what your faith is founded on. All of his changes from being a dedicated liberal have come since 2012. lBefore that, on ALL counts, he was a liberal who primarily suported liberals.
            He has a nasty mouth.
            He is proud is his affairs with married women.
            He is vicious, primarily at and against the one who is closest to being a challenge to him
            He cannot deal with Megan Kelly. And I don’t understand why. But he threw a tantrum because he could not get his way and get her kicked out .

            And he STILL admires Hillary Clinton.
            So you have a “feeling” Not good enough.
            Consider this. When you are in your “Christian” mode of thinking, do you believe that God wants us to rationalize and pick the lesser of two evils. Just contrast the morality of these two.
            When you have a chance to do what is RIGHT, what possible reason can you have for COMPROMISE. Compromise is NOT a thing that Christians should ever do.
            By the way. Trump is not the only wicked one that I will not support. I also will not buy from AT&T (their CEO was the one who forced homosexuals on the Boy Scouts) Home Depot with their repeated floats in gay pride p;arades, and Frito Lay with their “rainbow” Doritos
            My stand is that I will not intentionally help those who aid and assist the wicked of this world.

          • ADRoberts

            Now one last thing. The Church of Laodicea was condemned by God in Revelation. WHY? I will let you read it. It is the church of last days. And it is likely that it is where we are today.
            When you decide that expediency dictates that you support a wicked man, who has a foul mouth, claims to be a Christian who has never asked God to forgive him, cannot tell you what II Corinthians is called, takes from creditors by his legal use of bankruptcy, has bragged about his affairs with married women, and tells Kim Davis, as she is going to jail that she should “obey the laws of the land”, it is possible that a person who goes to church and supports such a man is a MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF LAODICEA.

            Christians are dying at the hands of muslims. And all they have to do to not die is denounce Jesus. They take as stand that leads to death. And we cannot stand up against wickedness of Hillary and Donald.???????

  • Harold Sammons

    With all the missing billions, don’t they have their retirement funds set ?

  • Jarhead

    Defund the BLM, along with the other massively corrupt useless FED/GOV Agencies like the IRS, DHS, obamaCARE, VA, Education, PP, ACLU, EPA, Public Radio, etc., etc.

  • madmemere

    The Hammond’s, the Bundy’s and many other ranch lands sit on “valuable mineral deposits” that the clintonistas AND the feds want to “sell” to other countries! The plan is to “take” those lands by eminent domain, or pure theft and claim the titles and deeds held by those ranchers are “invalid”! And if that doesn’t “burn your backside”, you need to check to see if you’re still breathing!

  • Upaces

    Clinton-Sells Uranium From Ranches to Russians to Fund Presidential Campaign

    When Donald Trump accused Clinton and Obama of creating ISIS, he was absolutely 100% correct. This fact was undeniably established in 2015, when I interviewed former Army Special Operations Officer and adviser to George W. Bush, Scott Bennett. However, this is merely the starting point of this article.

    Read more at:

  • Ray Tripp

    Dirty underhanded under the table closed door meetings? Sounds like the democratic party platform to me!


    the federal gov’t is a sell out to china and to the one world order banksters!

  • Michael

    Hanging would be too good for ALL these criminals, Clintons, Reid, pelosi, and their ring leader Obama.


    Is anyone aware that the BLM is NOT a government agency but is registered as an enterprise in London, England. It would be interesting to know who is behind the enterprise. I think it would shock everyone.

  • M.A.Rue

    Except the Feds don’t own the land….we the people own the land. The news media, plus the campaigning politicians need to start stressing the fact that the Feds don’t have one single dime. So instead of saying the Feds pay / own this or that, how about saying the American taxpayers (all 50% of us) are paying for everything.

  • Krissy

    I really appreciate your bringing all this to light, however I am having one problem with your article, there are no sources for any of the information your providing, or is all of this just your opinion? You see how confusing it can be when there is no attribution to sources or even a mention that this is an editorial. Since I don’t know you I really am not willing to just “take my word for it” meme, I’d like hard sources or at least mention that this is an editorial and doesn’t need real sources. Thanks for your time in reading this, Regards, Krissy

  • Proud US vet/American

    As soon as American’s realize that this country is no longer a sovereign nation, but a corporation owned by families like the Rothchild’s and others, the sooner they will realize they will never control the “FED”!
    Welcome to the “NWO-New World Order!”

  • Debra Brooks

    USA government owned is used for HILLARY CLINTON & OBAMA OWN PERSONAL AGENDA! PUTIN OWNS URANIUM that belonged to our government. I am sure owners had NO choice. LAWLESS THUGS? YES! HIGH CRIMES? YES! CRIMINALS ARE ARRESTED & THROWN IN PRISON OR HUNG!


    Ya know it just had to be! Traitor Clintons selling our materials to a Foreign Government, who in anyone’s simple mind, would realize the Putin Gang builds atomic bombs, most likely sells them to their friends Iran, and ISIS! Are we really becoming this stupid? Don’t answer that, I heard enough shit from the Clintons and Obamas! Then again we have very Patriotic important people dieing of un-natural causes! We better smarten up!

  • pysco

    Rico Act the Clintons, they have sold out America to the Russians, trying to give them control over America’s Uranium.. Harry Reid tried to give the Chinese Communists a solar power grid. in Nevada… The government is full of traitors for the sake of some damn money……. These people are not patriots, and should never hold public office….

  • 1462


  • 1462