Medicine For Preppers

Growing your own SHTF pharmacy, or perhaps more accurately, apothecary, should be near the top of your medical preps. You will not be able to call 911 or rush out to the emergency room during a doomsday disaster, you will be your own first responder. Having a natural apothecary growing on your prepper retreat or bug in location will allow help you stay healthy and treat a host of likely ailments that will affect you and your loved ones.

There is absolutely no reason to wait until the SHTF to start using natural remedies to treat routine medical issues and injuries. Ridding your body of potentially harmful chemicals that are commonly included in over-the-counter medications, salves, and ointments, should help you build a stronger body and help you to become more physically prepared for the demands that will be placed on it during a long-term survival scenario.

Replacing prescribed antibiotics for a chronic medical condition might not be necessary today, but learning how to grow and make natural alternatives would be a wise preparedness choice, indeed.

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