NEVER Say This in Front of Your Smart TV

samsungBe careful what you say in front of your new smart TV.

It’s listening.

And recording everything you say.

These recordings are then transmitted to a “third party”.

In a troubling new development in the domestic consumer surveillance debate, an investigation into Samsung Smart TVs has revealed that user voice commands are recorded, stored, and transmitted to a third party. The company even warns customers not to discuss personal or sensitive information within earshot of the device.

This is in stark contrast to previous claims by tech manufacturers, like Playstation, who vehemently deny their devices record personal information, despite evidence to the contrary, including news that hackers can gain access to unencrypted streams of credit card information.

The new Samsung controversy stems from the discovery of a single haunting statement in the company’s “privacy policy,” which states:

“Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.”

This sparked a back and forth between the Daily Beast and Samsung regarding not only consumer privacy but also security concerns. If our conversations are “captured and transmitted,” eavesdropping hackers may be able to use our “personal or other sensitive information” for identity theft or any number of nefarious purposes.

Please Apple give me an encrypted Smart TV.

And don’t give up your fight with the FBI to unlock the iPhone

  • janniefay

    I new this when the first came out with smart tv. It is just another way for them to intrude into your life. Just like face book is.

  • iknowwhoyouare

    This is last years news. If you have any concerns about your privacy you need to run from anything that has the word “smart” attached to it And anything that connects to the internet. Noticed how the new compact fluorescent light bulbs are approved by the FCC? Same deal. Anything approved by the FCC has the capability of transmitting and or receiving signals. Big Brother is watching

    • Chris Holley

      better get on your tinfoil hat………..LOL

      • iknowwhoyouare

        Ahahaha! Good one!

  • Larry Velasco

    BOYCOTT Samsung. Just another U.S. government way to keep tabs on US, WE THE PEOPLE and I’ll put this message out there right now for THEM. WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate your snooping into our business.

    • vladilyich

      This story is close to a year old. It was first reported by Wired Magazine in 2015. Also, any smart home electronics (including the talking Barbie), records and phones home to a “3rd Party” (NSA? DHS?). I am a firm believer that these (including your smart refrigerator, heating system, electric meter) needs to be outlawed in the U.S.


        I remember reading about this at least a year ago and I completely agree with you about outlawing these in America. Most items are not even made in the U.S. Your smart phone is probably the same thing. Everything you do on it is recorded and sent to a third party and who is the third party and what are they doing with the information?

      • Kevin

        Yes, and talking Barbie says to her new owner, “Hi, my name is Barbie! Say, do your parents have any guns in the house? …”


      Samsung is made in South Korea so apparently our government is involving other governments to spy on Americans in their own homes.

    • Jerry

      Larry, it is not just Samsung. It is in all new electronic devices. I was told by people when I was in the service about this. And that was years ago. They said at that time TVs could be as a transmitter. Your smart phones, mobile phones, even devices in your car like onstar that help you find directions to where you want to go. There is nothing they can not tap into

  • Hambone

    And yet people got all butt hurt when Trump made the comment of putting potential terrorist in a database. We, not the terrorist, are being tracked in databases like these all the time, and yet they wonder why the people are pissed off. This is the reason terrorist stay away from “smart” TVs, and other things that secretly record everyday activity.

  • Rodney Steward

    The school systems are by far the worst source of information there is! They not only brainwash the kids, but also use them to get info. from the younger ones! I guess I’ll just stick with a dumb TV, to go along with my dumb phone!


      Schools also questions children about their home lives and their parents, what their beliefs are, political and religious. I’m at the point where I trust no one or anything. Even new cars relay information to a third party so I’ll keep my beautiful 2001 Mitsubishi.

      • Rodney Steward

        EXACTLY, that’s what I’m talking about, and this has been going on many more years than I thought! The only people that would do this, is people that have something to hide, and they only hide thing out of fear! U do keep that beautiful car washed RIGHT!! 🙂

        • MARYSWEET

          The government doesn’t want us to know what they are doing. These career politicians have just taken too much power and misused it against us.
          Absolutely, I take it to a car wash and get it cleaned inside and out and then keep it in the garage when not driving it and it drives like a dream.

          • Rodney Steward

            If our Gov. spent more time worrying about our enemies, than the American people, we’d have a lot less debt! Just a sign of guilt! And the car, GREAT!! 🙂

          • MARYSWEET

            You got that right. But obama only took the office so he could cause all the chaos and dissension he has done. He hates America and wants to leave us in shambles when he flies off to Dubai to become the next Secretary General of the UN (God Forbid).

          • Rodney Steward

            Yes, Obama has made the statement that his next goal is to be over the UN! You’re right, Obama hates the White man, the United States, and the Constitution! And it was just on FOX NEWS, that the DOB just said that they were trying to set it up to prosecute companies and people for denying Climate Change! This is a bigger PONZI Scheme in history! This is another major push by the UN, just like gun control! The UN is now the enemy of evil, just like islam is the evil of Religion!

          • MARYSWEET

            Not only is the DOJ prosecuting people for denying climate change/global warming, they are prosecuting for speaking against muslims and obama. I have always said obama is and always will be our worst enemy.

          • Rodney Steward

            YES!!!! That’s why I can’t figure out why the Gov. won’t, and has not done anything to this POS! Apparently they agree with him and like what he stands for, but if this had been a White Rep., he would have already been gone or a Kennedy job pulled on him! If Trump were to get the job, I look for them to do something to him, they sure are trying hard to stop him! I’m a Cruz man myself!!

          • MARYSWEET

            I’ve been scratching my head ever since obama took office. I don’t understand why Congress has let him get away with all the illegal activities he has committed since he first took office. He must have a lot of stuff on the Congress to keep them quiet and doing his bidding all this time.
            I truly believe they might try to get rid of Trump the way the clintons do. That is even before he gets the nomination. The establishment is getting very desperate and scared so they will do ANYTHING to stop Trump from becoming President because he can’t be bought. Cruz is my second choice but I really feel Trump is the only one strong enough to stand up to and beat hillary.

          • Rodney Steward

            I like Trump and what he has to say, which is usually the same thing over and over. If he’s our pick I’ll vote for him, but he’s rubbed butts with so many of all these elite thugs and it just worries me, and I’m so afraid he’ll turn out to be another Obama!

          • MARYSWEET

            I don’t believe Trump will turn into another obama. I hope there’s only one of his ilk. Trump is really worried about the condition of our country and I believe, as a businessman, he is the only one who knows how to make the deals that need to be done and will do just as he has said. I can’t explain why but I have a very strong feeling he is the ONLY Republican who can stand up to hillary and beat her. And we can’t allow her to win as she is worse than obama if that is possible.

          • Rodney Steward

            Totally agree, and another Dem. President will finish off our country and I believe it is their goal! And YES, Hellary is worse than Obama!!!!

          • MARYSWEET

            I completely agree with you and it is their goal to destroy our country. obama has done a pretty thorough job and that is why we need Trump. He is the only one strong enough to stand up to hillary and beat her soundly.

          • Rodney Steward

            Agree again, this may be our last chance to keep our country! Watching Carson endorse Trump right now! Give that car a big hug for me!! 🙂

          • MARYSWEET

            Will do!!!!

  • Ezra

    This gives me a bad case of butt-hurt.

  • American Me

    Does this include all brands of smart TV’s or only Samsung?

    • vladilyich

      Everyone that I’m aware of. There are several stories about this reported by Wired Magazine going back a year.

    • iknowwhoyouare

      Anything word “smart” attached to it. Anything that connects to the internet

  • oldwestman

    Sounds like an illegal invasion of privacy to me, I will never buy a samsung product ever. I would do without TV rather than have my spoken words recorded and transmitted somewhere else. Big brother is watching you!


      Samsung is not the only one. I believe most new TVs and other appliances as well as smart phones and cars are included.

  • loony1975

    another “smart” proved to be so STUPID…just like “smart” cars, “smart” phones and “smart” guns…ALL DUMB PRODUCTS AND IDEAS…PERIOD…

  • Joel Lancaster

    yes i own one of the samsung 55 inch uhd smart tv’s just dont activate that feature is all you do. dont connect it to the internet. and my tv dont know the password to connect anyway. be smarter than the tv is all people.

  • disqus_tpc8waQI76

    Glad I own LG before th e y came out with this bull shit don’t think I’ll be upgrading any time soon this bull shit


    Aren’t we suppose to be able to have free speech, especially in our own homes? This is going too far and the fact that you cannot speak openly in front of your TV is the just too much invasion and the manufacturers should not be allowed to do this without the consent of the buyer. This is communism and dictatorship at its worst and I resent the fact that my TV may be recording everything I say in my home.

  • oldwestman

    Well Mary my car is ten years old and my Wife’s is eight years old our TV s are seven or eight years old so we maybe safe. I’m 71 years old and I don’t intend to buy another car and neither does my wife and the TV s will last the rest of our lives so we may be safe.

  • ChalmetiaBoy

    Big brother!!!!!!