Oil Changes a Thing of the Past?

oil cMaybe bugging out with your truck is about to become a whole lot easier.

Imagine a 90 second oil change…

Could changing your oil become something you no longer need to do?

But — like other services that Americans used to pay regularly for, such as milk delivery — paying for oil changes soon could become a thing of the past.

Motor-oil maker Castrol, a division of BP, recently claimed its technicians have achieved a breakthrough in engine-lubrication design that makes it easy to change the oil in a vehicle in as little as 90 seconds.

The cleaner and quicker system, called Nexcel, must be integrated into vehicle engines at the design stage. That means it won’t hit mainstream cars for another five years — about the length of time between major model changes for many automakers.

But at 90 seconds, the cost of an oil change may become negligible if the Castrol system is widely adopted. Or the expense may even disappear altogether for vehicle owners who find it easier and cleaner to do it themselves.

If these types of solutions are in the works for oil changes, what’s happening with alternative energy solutions that could free you from the grid?