Prepare For This When The SHTF

Life after SHTF will be fraught with peril. Though you are fortunate to have survived the onset of the dark days, no matter how well prepared, how trained and how tough you might be things will only ever be a hair’s breadth from mortal danger.

The potential for injury, death or conflict exists in a hundred previously harmless actions. Each of them waiting for the slightest lapse in concentration or luck to plunge an unfortunate soul into chaos.

Below you will find a list of such instances any luckless prepper may encounter in their darkest hour. Though fictional accounts, all are rooted in reality. Enjoy perusing this morbid list of mortal peril, and let your fear guide the way to ever more vigilant preparation.

  1. A Shocking Turn

After the storm finally passed you gather the kids, spouse, dog and gear into the family SUV to head for grandma and grandpa’s house. After winding your way through the rubble patch that used to be your hometown, picking you way down barely recognizable streets, you get out to clear a large piece of sheet metal from the road. A listing power pole finally yields under the strain and crashes to the ground.

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