Preppers VS. Homesteaders

When it comes to preppers and homesteaders, members of the two groups can live very different lifestyles. But which are better, preppers or homesteaders?  And are they really that different? It’s true, the person you visualize when you hear the term “prepper” is likely very different from who you picture when you hear the term “homesteader”.

The Perception

If I were to say to you, my new neighbor is a “prepper” what picture do you get in your mind? Most people will likely picture a single male in his late 20’s to late 40’s wearing camouflage and loaded down with guns, knives, and ammo, right?  You’d expect to find his basement, or maybe even an underground bunker, piled high with MREs, water, and bulk bags of rice and beans packed away in mylar bags and food grade buckets.

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