Make Sure You’re Still Prepared On Vacation

How many of us head out to the beach, the mountains – the lake – and wonder the same question: “What if something happens and we’re not at home with all our preps?” Tough situation and the answers vary really depending on the specifics of the vacation.  Flying can really restrict items to be taken. The state traveled to – and all those traveling through getting there can impede certain items from being brought along.

Firearms are not mentioned as personal security should be a given. Follow all state and local laws.With that said here are 5 prepper items to take on vacation:

Identification and Contact Information – Print out papers with contact information for friends and family. If there is access to a laminator. cards can be made. Additional information such as home address, car, and medical insurance should be carried. Copies of all drivers licenses, social security cards, and insurance cards can also be made using a simple copying machine.

Cash – Cash is king and should you vacation location lose power cash will be extremely valuable. How much to take? At least a few hundred dollars with bills running from small to larger denominations.

Perscription Medications/Spare Glasses – Don’t forget critical prescriptions. The last thing needed when fun is desired is to have a flare up of that Bohemian Devil Rash you contracted a couple years earlier.   If you depend on glasses to see where you are going bring along AT LEAST one extra pair. From personal experience, this has worked out well for me several times.

Toilet Paper – Yup – a roll or two of toilet paper could provide serious relief should that jaunt out in the middle of nowhere end up being the same time the Mexican buffet the night before decides to reappear. Nature calls…..whenever it wants.

Flashlight – Vacations tend to involve hotels, cabins, and such that we are just not familiar with. Having a flashlight to navigate the strange hallways and coffee tables may prevent that excruciating shin smack. If the method of travel does not allow a flashlight being taken, one should be purchased locally. They are inexpensive, but oh so useful. Check out these zipper pull lights – very handy.

The list of items to have while on vacation is nearly endless. So many factors have to be considered. The five above is simply a common sense approach leaning towards most vacation destinations and activities.