Prepping Refresher For Beginners

Getting started in prepping can be a daunting task and one can easily get overwhelmed. With the headlines of today, it is easy to feel a huge sense of urgency to get ready NOW – with many giving up because they just don’t have the money or the time to invest. These myths could mean the difference between having taken the necessary steps to prepare – or not.

One point that needs to be made is that everything does NOT have to be done at once. While I would not suggest any further hesitation baby steps will get you in a much better position than not starting at all.


1. Store What You Eat – It is not necessary to purchase a years supply of food all at once, nor is it required to buy expensive freeze dried products. When doing regular grocery shopping throw in a few more cans of beef stew, corn, and a couple bags of rice. Build the pantry with every trip and over time.


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