Survival Livestock: Raising Pigs

Pigs are on of the best types of survival livestock a prepper can keep on his or her compound or bugout retreat. They are both easy and quiet keepers, require little space to house, can survive on low quality land, do not make much noise, and provide copious amounts of meat because you can eat almost every single square inch of the animal. You can raise and butcher your own pork cheaper than you could buy the same amount of meat at the grocery store.

There are two types of pig breeds: bacon and lard. Prior to World War II, lard was in high demand. The lard from hogs (pigs and hogs are the same thing but are often referred to differently depending upon which part of the country you are from) was used for cooking, baking, cleaning firearms, candle making, soap making, and lubricating machinery.

Survival Sounder Facts, Pros, and Cons
• A herd of pigs of most often referred to as a sounder.

• Buying “weaners” or piglets, in the spring will allow you to raise a hog to maturity by the fall.