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The Drought is So Bad in California that the Governor Just Did Something that’s Never Been Done Before

Prepare for a possible food crisis. For the first time in history the state of California is underneath mandatory water restrictions. Citing record level drought, the Governor of California has ordered that everyone living in the state must now comply with regulations on water usage for all kinds of household activities.

Nation Sparked to Outrage as Police Provoke, Then Gun Down Unarmed Homeless Man

The official story doesn’t match up with what eyewitnesses saw. And fortunately there’s video to corroborate their story. As most senseless police shootings go, the police went from 0-60 on a homeless man who was inside of his tent. Apparently, they were there responding to a 911 call on a robbery. But that’s not what …

She Was Trying to Give Cupcakes to Her Grandkids When a Cop Delivered Her Something Far Worse

If you think a lot of police brutality occurs in stressful situations, this story will change your mind. An elderly grandmother arrived at school so she could deliver cupcakes to her granddaughters. After it was all over she’d be leaving in an ambulance headed towards the hospital to await receiving $180,000 in medical bills.

Police Ambush Man, Shoot and Kill Him – Because He Was Holding a Hose Nozzle

Thirty-five-year-old Douglas Zerby was sitting cross-legged on his friend’s back porch when police ambushed him, fatally shooting him 12 times in the chest, arms, and legs. Zerby’s crime? Holding a pistol-shaped spray nozzle that is normally attached to a hose. Concerned neighbors who saw Zerby holding the nozzle called police because they were worried that …