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Leaked Document Reveals 3,500 Travelers from Ebola Nations Have Been Allowed to Enter U.S. without Additional Screening

A leaked document reveals that more than 3,500 passengers from Ebola-affected nations have been allowed to enter the U.S. without any additional screening or examination. At least one of those passengers contracted Ebola and was hospitalized in Dallas, Texas. Could there soon be more confirmed Ebola cases inside the U.S.? Without any kind of additional …

1 Thing Obama Could Do to Stop the Immigration Invasion (But Won’t)

According to Steve Stockman of Texas, "If President Obama took a picture of him standing by an airplane where he was helping to return illegals to their native countries, it would stop the immigration invasion overnight." Meanwhile, the only thing the president has done is increase drone flight hours, which is tantamount to doing nothing. [...]

Senior Border Patrol Agent: “Immigrants Have Deadly Diseases We Haven’t Seen in Years”

Vice President of the Border Patrol Union Chris Cabrea reported to Fox News there are thousands of immigrants coming across the border who carry a host of deadly disease that could eventually lead to outbreak in the U.S. According to Cabrea, these dangerous diseases are the kinds Americans haven’t had to deal with in decades.

Why Is this Mine-Resistant Vehicle Being Used in a Small Wisconsin Town?

The number of local police departments acquiring previously used military vehicles continues to swell. Just this past week the town of Neenah, Wisconsin acquired a mine-resistant multi-terrain vehicle to help with local police duties. Keep in mind this vehicle weighs in at 37,000 pounds, stands over 11 feet tall, and was meant to patrol the …