The Perfect Survival Rifle?

We recently took a look at a few old-school “survival rifles” but found them lacking in some respects due to either reliability or accuracy. As times change and rifles improve, there is always a new contender for this role and we may have found it in this next rifle: the Ruger 10/22 Takedown.

It may not be as iconic as a Winchester lever-action or the new heir-apparent to the title of America’s rifle (the AR-15), but millions of these rifles are owned by millions of Americans and in many instances they were often a “first rifle” to introduce someone to shooting.

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  • Timothy Toroian

    Semi autos are nice but I still like my M- Scout, .22 over .410. A survivalist always has a handgun and my DW .44 mag can handle several duties including deer or two-legged varmints at 100-150 yards. With modern .410 ammo for Judges and Governors, that barrel takes on new meaning.

  • jerry young

    The 10/22 is a good gun but when you take it apart you have separate pieces that need to be stored, the better gun in my opinion would be the AR7, it stores all parts within itself including space for some ammo, is water proof and floats if dropped in water, I own a 10/22 and really like it but foe a backpack or survival gun you cannot beat the AR7