8 Things We’ve Learned from the Baltimore Riots So Far

2015-04-28_11-25-22Here are 8 things we’ve learned from the Baltimore riots so far:

#1. People do not learn from history or the mistakes of the past. See Exhibit A: Ferguson, Missouri.

#2. Some people will use any excuse to riot and loot even though it is clearly NOT an effective form of protest.

#3. The outbreak of violence in Ferguson, Missouri last summer was NOT an aberration. It is now a pattern.

#4. We also know what the pattern is. Whenever a young black man is killed by police and the public perceives the death as being unjust or unwarranted, then there will be the potential for widespread riots.

#5. It is only a matter of time before another inner city explodes with violence. First it was Ferguson. Then it was Baltimore. Which city is next?

#6. The media will use the Baltimore riots as a way to reinforce (false) perceptions about race.

#7. Not everything you see on the news is as it appears. Here’s a perfect example of that… the redhead is trying to steal the black man’s bag. Of course, the media used the picture to show the opposite, as this sequence of images shows.


#8. The government will use the riots as an excuse to impose curfews, put heavily militarized police on the street, and “crack down” on civilians. This will increase the risk of civilian deaths, which could potentially lead to a vicious cycle of civilian death >> rioting >> police crackdown, etc. (See #4 above.)

What other lessons have we learned from the Baltimore riots? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.