Trump’s “Win-Win” Gift to Precious Metals Owners

Divided over President Trump’s border wall, Congress may soon force a government shutdown. Here’s how it could be a win-win for some savvy folks – no matter HOW it plays out…

Peter Reagan, August 31, 2017

Congress must pass a federal budget by September 30. If not, the government will shut down.

To complicate matters, they must do this with the support of President Trump, who just recently threatened to veto any bill that does not include his long-promised border wall.

Congress is already struggling to make ends meet, meaning it will be very difficult to pass a budget with funding for the wall. So, with the deadline approaching, we must seriously consider the reality of a shutdown.

Fortunately, there can be some silver lining…

How to Profit from a Shutdown

During the last shutdown, markets tanked. Should another one occur, it’s logical to expect the same.

But, there is a way to guard yourself from this financial turbulence.

Recent history shows that precious metals perform superbly during government shutdowns. During the last one, gold prices spiked. You can see similar trends from other shutdowns since 1981.

That said, precious metals could be one of the smartest assets to hold if/when the government comes to another screeching halt.

Here’s How to Protect Your Savings with Gold Now

But what if Trump gets funding for his wall, and we avoid a shutdown? Then there’s actually another opportunity…

No Shutdown? This Metal Could Surge Anyway

Here’s what makes this situation so unique: Even if Trump gets his way, silver could soar. The reason is simple…

Trump wants to add solar panels to his entire wall. This would require a MASSIVE amount of silver.

Every solar panel contains about 2/3 ounces of silver. If Trump built the 2,000-mile solar wall that he wants, it would require 11 MILLION ounces of silver. Can you imagine the drain this surge in demand would place on silver supply?!

This is simple stuff – just regular supply and demand. And it could mean HUGE things for the price of silver.

Here’s How to Get Silver Now

This “Win-Win” Opportunity Closes September 30

No matter what happens with the budget, Trump is giving a big gift to anybody holding precious metals. If he digs in his heels and forces a shutdown, history suggests that precious metals could increase.

Or, if he gets his way and proceeds with his plan for a solar wall, silver demand could go through the roof.

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