What Microsoft Isn’t Telling You About Windows 10

downloadHere’s what Microsoft says about Windows 10:

Windows 10: Fast, Compatible, Free
Get the BEST Windows ever.
It’s easy to get your free upgrade-here’s how

But here’s what Microsoft isn’t telling you. The new operating system is now watching and listening to EVERYTHING you do.

If Edward Snowden’s patriotic exposure of all things ‘super secret surveillance state’ in America were not enough, Newsweek reports that, as 10s of millions of hungry PC users download the free upgrade, Windows 10 is watching – and logging and sharing – everything users do… and we mean everything.

From the moment an account is created, Microsoft begins watching. The company saves customers’ basic information – name, contact details, passwords, demographic data and credit card specifics – but it also digs a bit deeper… and finding answers is not easy, as one privacy expert exclaimed, “there is no world in which 45 pages of policy documents and opt-out settings split across 13 different Settings screens and an external website constitutes ‘real transparency’.”

Read Microsoft’s Windows 10 Privacy Policy. You’ll discover that Microsoft is sometimes required to share information it collects with third parties.

One more thing.

Unlike its competitors, Microsoft says it will disclose content of private communications or files in saved documents to respond to valid legal process.

Come on in, Big Brother.

You’re welcome to come into my home and look at all my personal information for free.

Why do you think they call it Windows?